Conditions of entry: Steel Awards 2019

  • The steelwork should essentially have been completed in 2018. Completion of the total
    project could be later. Should you need clarity in this regard, please contact Denise Sherman
    well before the entry deadline to confirm if the project qualifies for consideration this year.
  • Only structures in which Southern African steelwork contractors played a significant role will
    be considered.
  • By submission of an entry, the nominator assumes responsibility for the accuracy of all
    information and in particular the project team details. The nominator also provides the
    SAISC with the assurance that permission for the submission has been obtained from the
    owner/developer/client of the project.
  • By submitting the contact details of the project team, the nominator also gives SAISC the
    right to send email to all project teams about the awards, as well as potential advertising
    opportunities next to the editorial content for the entered project in the Steel Construction
  • All written and illustrative material forming part of project entries will be used by the SAISC at its
    discretion to promote the event, project and Steel Institute. The SAISC reserves the right to use the
    entry information and publicise the nominations and awards as we see fit.
  • The SAISC may visit short-listed structures for adjudication, publicity or filming purposes. The
    nominator and members of the project team undertake to assist in arranging such visits and
    obtain permission for any visits/filming/publicity, as well as to furnish the SAISC with
    additional information about the project on request.
  • At the Steel Awards dinner, certificates will be presented to each company that was a
    member of the project team for an awarded structure. For this reason, nominators must
    ensure that all team members are correctly accounted for on the entry form.
  • A plaque for mounting will be presented to the developer/owner of the overall winning