Easy-Rail modular guardrail system from Andrew Mentis is crash-tested

Easy-Rail, a crash-tested guardrail system representing the latest European safety and quality standards, is being manufactured in South Africa by Andrew Mentis, under license from Volkmann & Rossbach of Germany. Andrew Mentis has teamed up with Road Furnishing Services (RFS) to ensure that the guardrail system is installed according to specification.

This quality modular guardrail system has received attention from the South African National Roads Agency (SANRAL) and the South African Road Federation (SARF).
“The Easy-Rail guardrail system is tested to EN 1317-2. It is a modular system that allows for the most cost efficient solution for various applications,” Elaine van Rooyen, Marketing Manager, Andrew Mentis, says.

It provides maximum safety at minimal weight as well as being simple and fast to install. All Easy-Rail modules connect to each other without any transitional construction required, so that the containment level and working width can be adjusted accordingly for a specific application. The guardrail beam is attached to the posts by a single screw in order to minimise the installation effort.  In addition to Easy-Rail, Andrew Mentis also manufactures and distributes its own Mentrail guardrail available in either galvanised or uncoated lengths. Mentrail guardrails are manufactured in 2.6mm thick steel to standard 3.81m lengths, according to SANS 1350-1982 specifications.  The guardrails are easy to install without further tension or stretching, and do not require any special tools.