AR and VR in the Built Environment

Calling all recent graduate or final year student Engineers, Architects, and other young (literally or at heart) people with a passion for the Built Environment. Despite its many challenges, South Africa is a land of opportunity. We believe that in order to take the country forward, young professionals in the Built Environment need to connect and start having conversations about blazing a trail and shaping the future of South Africa.

Join us on 22 Augustl 2018 as we discuss Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in the built environment. Book your ticket here: 

What is #Re_Construction?

#Re_Construction networking sessions are the perfect mix of pizza, craft beer/wine, a short punchy presentation and ample opportunity to connect with your peers. Cost of attendance is a nominal fee of R 20 (payable at the door on arrival). Food and drinks are subsidized by the SAISC.