Basics of Steel

When it comes to construction, steel as a medium has many virtues. Its strength, durability and versatility are a few of the things that make steel a superior medium.

This 1-day Basics of Steel course aims to show newcomers to the industry, or non-technical support staff the features, correct uses, as well as how to avoid making potentially dangerous mistakes when ordering or recommending structural steel products.

Key topics covered include:

The making and rolling of steel
• The chemical composition, grades and mechanical properties of steel
• Defects found in steel and allowable tolerances on theoretical dimensions
• The range of products that can be formed using sheet
• What can go wrong in steel structures designed by unqualified persons
• Commercial quality (mild steel, free stock) and the dangers associated
• How to correctly specify steel for ordering it

Who should attend?

This course is aimed at graduate engineers, technicians, draughtsmen, technologists, sales and marketing personnel and anyone else who needs a basic introduction to how steel is manufactured, how we make steel products useful for so many applications, and the availability and detail of the basic range of hot-formed products.


11 April 2019 – KZN
12 September 2019 – CPT


R 4250 incl VAT – SAISC Members
R 5500 incl VAT – Non-members