Industrial Vibration Analysis

This course is intended to assist Engineers who are not necessarily familiar with Structural Engineering concepts, as well as Structural Engineers whose background and experience are primarily in consulting and design services. The course takes place online, over 6 x 2 hour Zoom sessions. Delegates will have the opportunity to submit questions both during sessions, and
between sessions via email.


  • Session 1: Basic concepts of vibration:
    General Concepts, Single Degree of Freedom, Vibration Response,
    Multi Degree of Freedom, Vibration Response and Units
  • Session 2: Vibration loads:
    Machines, Specifiers of loads, Calculating Machine Loads,
    Human Loads and Impact Loads
  • Session 3: Practical Modelling and Analysis:
    General, Modelling the Structure, Analysis Issues, Interpreting the Output
  • Session 4: Limits to vibration:
    General, Human Tolerance, Machine Tolerance, Agree before the fight,
    Damage to finishes, Fatigue
  • Session 5: Special Vibration topics:
    Wind vibration, Seismic Design and
    Soil-Structure Interaction and Concrete Foundation Blocks
  • Session 6: Measuring Vibration and Remedial Actions
    Measuring Equipment, Measuring Procedures, Pitfalls to Avoid,
    Interpretation Measurements, Appropriate Remedial Actions

Members: R 9 425 incl VAT 
Non-members: R 10 725 incl VAT

Next cohort – 2022:
8 Feb & 1, 7, 8, 23 & 24 March 2022 (Online)

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