Mine Shaft Hoist System Structural Design

This course is intended to assist Engineers who are not necessarily familiar with Structural Engineering concepts, as well as Structural Engineers whose background and experience are primarily in consulting and design services. The course takes place online, over 6 x 2 hour Zoom sessions. Delegates will have the opportunity to submit questions both during sessions, and
between sessions via email.


  • Session 1: Mine Shaft Structural Design Philosophy
  • Session 2: Headgear Design
  • Session 3: Mine Shaft Systems Structural Design
  • Session 4: Mine Shaft Conveyances Structural Design
  • Session 5: Structural Inspection and Maintenance of Mine Shafts
  • Session 6: Delegate Queries, Group Discussion/ Q&A Sessions

The aim of the course is to give an overview of the structural design considerations for mine shaft
hoisting systems. It is intended that the course will assist designers and operators who may be
structural, mechanical or electrical engineers to understand the main structural requirements.

  • Knowledge of the general design philosophy and processes applied in the structural
    design of mine shaft hoisting systems.
  • Recognition of how structural design loads arise from the functional requirements of
    mine shaft hoisting systems.
  • Understanding of how possible emergency events are mitigated and how structural
    design loads are derived from these events.
  • Ability to plan realistic maintenance schedules for mine shaft hoisting system
    structures, report on findings, and understand the implications of reports.

    Members: R 9 425 incl VAT 
    Non-members: R 10 725 incl VAT

Next cohort – 2022:
25, 26 April & 3, 5, 9, 10 May 2022 – 2-4pm Online

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