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Everising’s upgraded E- and P-Series sawing machines

Everising’s upgraded E- and P-Series sawing machines: ‘cut out’ to meet customers’ sawing requirements with faster cutting times and greater functionality

11 July 2018

To maintain its enviable reputation for excellence and sophistication in sawing, the Taiwan-based Everising Machine Company continuously strives to anticipate its customers’ requirements to provide timeous and effective solutions. What the company established recently was that many customers required machines capable of cutting the larger steel sections which are now being used more frequently in manufacturing today.

In South Africa, Everising circular saws and bandsaws are available from First Cut, the foremost distributor of cutting consumables and capital equipment.

In response to its customers’ requests, Everising has upgraded its P- and E-series sawing machines so that they can now process steel sections in the 300 mm to 800 mm range. The overall aim of Everising with these upgrades is to reduce its customers’ production costs by speeding up actual cutting times.

The P-series also has a user-friendly touchscreen with easy-to-follow graphics, with all cutting parameters clearly displayed on the touchscreen controller. A bonus for operators is the self-diagnostic function which allows for immediate on-screen troubleshooting.

P-series circular saws are fitted with an accurate length index device, which is driven by a servomotor and ball screw. Hydraulic-clamped front and vertical vices hold work pieces firmly in place.

A floating shuttle device and hydraulic sorting chute speeds up production, while a scraper chain type chip conveyor ensures efficient removal of cutting debris. The speed of the blade is controlled by an inverter and is infinitely variable.

In response to its customers’ requests, Everising has upgraded its P- and E-series sawing machines so that they can now process steel sections in the 300 mm to 800 mm range.

The P-series gear transmission driver provides high efficiency and consistent cutting speed. Carbide guide pads are used to strengthen the rigidity of the saw blades, which means not only accuracy, but an extended saw blade life.

Other features include an air filter, a cutting-fluid coolant system, an air compressor, a smart bar collecting system, an air blower for tube cutting, and variable vice pressure.

Importantly, the P-series requires only one operator to set up and load the machine. Excessive rework is avoided as P-series machines give a milling cutter finish with a tolerance of 0.02mm. Remnant or scrap pieces are sorted into a separate bin. With its versatility, a P-series sawing machine could replace a number of other types of circular saws, thereby saving valuable production space.

As with the P-series, Everising’s E-series band saws are CNC-controlled and also feature advanced touchscreen control. To ensure extended machine life, E-series band saws are equipped with high efficiency gearboxes lubricated by a controlled oil-feed system. An inverter controls the variable speed of the blade, which is tensioned hydraulically. An idler wheel motion detector serves to detect blade stalls thereby preventing blade damage.

The robust electronics on the E-series ensure that downtime is minimized; while an anti-vibration roller serves to protect the blade, which is cleaned by two automatically adjusting wire brushes. An advanced quick approach device and an automatic tracking blade guide protect the machine against accidental damage.

All E-series machines are manufactured with a solid steel frame with two pre-loaded linear guides for accurate, repeatable cutting. In addition, E-series machines have a safety device to ensure that blade changes are risk-free.

A dual front and rear floating vice holds work-pieces securely in place; while an out-of-square detector detects any flaws in the operator’s setting up procedure. To ensure there is no swarf build up, E-series machines are fitted with a drainage and chip removal device.

Once a particular job has been completed, the sawing machine’s computerised control systems can produce machine utilisation analyses, so that management can monitor and optimise machine usage in a particular facility.

In South Africa, First Cut supports its Everising machines with a rapid uninterrupted supply of consumables. At present, First Cut carries an inventory of blading that is in access of 50,000 metres.

The company has a presence throughout South Africa, and is able to offer fast, reliable delivery, installation and training on the range of capital equipment it offers. The company’s well-staffed and trained service department furthermore ensures that First Cut customers experience maximum machine uptime.

A call centre is available to assist with machine-related queries, the booking of services and scheduling of maintenance.

For its part, Everising continues to improve the performance of its equipment by evaluating competitor products and responding to international demand. Based on these findings, the company invests in research and development to improve performance. As a result, ISO-accredited Everising sawing machines continue to compete extremely favourably in terms of quality and price with any other comparable manufacturer in the market.