State of the metal cladding industry

Like most industries associated with the greater construction industry, the metal cladding industry has contracted in recent years. Currently, the metal cladding industry consumes upward of 220 000 tonnes of coated steel annually and is comprised of 2sectors namely formal and informal with a market value of R4.3 billion or 55 million square meters of cladding.

The formal sector covers mainstream building which is regulated by the National Building Regulations and other National Standards. The informal sector embraces the smaller emerging contractors and builders plus DIY where materials are invariably sourced from builders merchants. Unfortunately, unscrupulous providers sell non-compliant inferior thin gauge materials with minimal protective coatings based purely on price. Structural performance, public safety, and durability are invariably disregarded. The problem is particularly acute in rural areas which are currently exempt from compliance with the National Building Regulations. By mass, the formal sector accounts for 55% whereas by area the informal sector represents 60%.