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Company Overview

AMC Fabrications offers tailor-made solutions for the differing needs of its clients. Their steel water tanks are not only of high quality but will only ensure that they are sized correctly so that they can be as efficient as possible. Intending to move into sub-Saharan Africa, AMC has built a stronghold in the South African market, continuing to be a leading manufacturer of durable and reliable water storage tanks.

Their qualified team of engineers and welders ensure that the client's technical specifications of request are adhered to, advising on where alterations should be made to further maximise the client's space.

Products and Services Overview

AMC Fabrication offer high-quality and tailor-made cylindrical-welded storage tanks and sprinkler network piping to different industries with differing needs, including commercial, mining, and fire protection.

Quality Assurance Processes and Accreditations

AMC Fabrications is a fully accredited entity and a member of the Southern African Institute of Welding (SAIW).