Roschcon Rotable Spares Warehouse

The Rotek Modular Spares Facility houses critical interchangeable spares for the country’s power generation facilities. The building consists of a +-6750m2 warehouse with a double story office block attached. The building is by no means a standard warehouse. There are two primary longitudinal bays that house 2 x 60t cranes each. These cranes are to be able to lift 100t in tandem in each bay. The high building eaves height of 18m has been governed by the required hook height of 13m for the 60t cranes. On a lower level, there are 4 assembly bays with each having a 10t crane overhead which run transverse to the primary overhead cranes. The number of cranes and the requirement for tandem lifting resulted in a complex design with several load combinations that had to be considered.

Due to the clients requirements to house stock that was already scheduled for delivery, the contractor was asked to accelerate the project. This required great co-ordination between the fabrication process and enabling the site to erect the structure systematically.

The structure consists of Lattice columns, supporting the roof structure with roof legs, also supported on the lattice columns are large plate girders carrying the four 50ton cranes. Steel would always be the preferred material for a building of this nature. 

The welding to the plate girders was done under the highest level or NDT testing for full penetration welding conforming to cyclically loaded charts. Allowing the client to have peace of mind that no fatige caused by the constant movement of the cranes would result in any maintenance in years to come.

With good planning, and effort the team was able to erect the 470t warehouse (excluding the plate girders) within six weeks. To enable the rest of the trades to follow and allowing the contractor to meet his project deadline.

Project Team Role Company
Structural Engineer Aurecon
Main Contractor Tyris Construction
Steelwork Contractor Ferro Eleganza
Structural Steel Detailer Ferro Draughting
Steel Erector Ferro Eleganza


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This large warehouse for the company Amrod, suppliers of corporate gifts, had an extremely short program. From date of order the steelwork contractors had 13 weeks to fabricate and erect 440 tons of steel. This required them erect approximately 10 tons of steel per day to be able to meet the program.  The team faced many challenges in making this program work, like the tilt up walls, earth works and rain delays as well as the interface of many other trades. Ferro Eleganza are very proud to say that this was achieved and quality assurance never went by the wayside.

The structural framing includes

  • Lattice roof structure consisting of girders and trusses.
  • Metsec purlins.
  • Steel columns sitting on concrete columns.
  • Metsec Cladding rails bolted to outside of steel and concrete columns.

From a cladding perspective – various colours and plain levels were utilised giving the outside of the warehouse an aesthetic appeal. Klip-Tite sheets were rolled on site, as they were too long to transport.

The client was very satisfied with the project and also handed over on time. It is a truly beautiful warehouse that is well visible to all passing the Buccleuch interchange.


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Steelwork Contractor

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Structural Steel Detailer

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