Dabmar Manufacturing Plant


  • Manufacturing Plant & double Storey Office Block
  • External Cladding of Manufacturing Plant
  • Complete construction of LSF double story office block & entertainment deck.
  • Project dates: Factory and gantry building – October 2014 to December 2014, Main office block – November 2014 to June 2015.


  • Total contract value ± R14 000 000.00
  • External Cladding of Manufacturing Plant – 65m x 17m x 10m high Perimeter.
  • LSF double story office – 1200m² over both floors
  • Entertainment deck – 230m².
  • Shospec time on site ± 10 months.


Shospec were provided with a complete structural steel skeleton for the factory envelope and gantry crane.  This was designed and erected by the client.Shospec were then responsible for the roofing and side cladding of the building.

Exterior wall cladding comprised of 90mm LSF C-section bracketed to structural girts on the main structure.  Walls were then cladded with 200mm pre-painted Shera Shiplap planks over an 18mm T and G OSB board and Tyvek Membrane.  Internally cladded with 15mm Firestop Gypsum and 102mm Cavity batt insulation in the wall cavity. The total cladded wall area was approximately 1300m2, excluding openings.


Shospec were involved in the entire process from design to completion of the office block (Excluding laying of the slab). Comprising of a double storey office block 42.5Lm x 14m (W) x 9.0m (HT) (1200m2).

The 1st floor level is 4.4m high due to clearance required on the ground floor for stores and racking height.

The office block design has a modern feel with large glazed openings, clean-cut lines, and dramatic structural features.  Double volume areas with overhead walkways and a canter levered boardroom make this office block unique.  The client is able to enjoy the spectacular views as 80% of the 1st-floor office walls are double glazed glass shopfronts (3.0m HT).

Furthermore, a 240m2 LSF deck was constructed with a parking area below.  Included on the deck is a sunken fire pit with walkways connecting the internal and external spaces.LSF was chosen due to the client’s open mind towards modern construction methods and extensive overseas travel.  The Architect originally from Australia had previous experience building in the method and so was able to capitalise on the benefits of LSF.

The client wished to have a building with a soft continental look from the outside, for this reason, Shiplap cladding was used on both the office block and the factory for 80% of the cladding. Our client was impressed with Shospec’s previous track record and past client relationships.  He was confident from the onset of the project that this building would be a success.

The client wanted a world-class product to benchmark his company to his international client base.  He wanted his premises to be energy efficient furthermore providing a comfortable working environment temperature in the factory and office block for the benefit of his employees.


  • 10m high pre-painted Shiplap cladding to factory building ± 1300m2.
  • 9m high double storey office block with suspended LSF floors / huge window openings and 80% glazed.
  • The front parapet box gutter structure with 6m wide openings supported on 6 x columns.
  • The modern interior fit-out.
  • 2 x bridge walkways and double volume areas.
  • A cantilevered board room floating structure.
  • The 240m2 composite Timber and LSF entertainment deck, all constructed from LSF.
  • The floating entrance staircase.
  • Underfloor water heating in 1st floor office block with insulation below floor finish.


  • All walls are standard LSF cladding with 102mm Cavity batt insulation.
  • Factory and office roof are insulated.
  • All ceilings have additional 100mm insulation.
  • Solar water heating.
  • Underfloor water heating and insulation.
  • Double glazed windows
  • LED lighting.
  • Insulated factory roller doors
  • Natural lighting
  • Water harvesting system.


The height of the buildings was a challenge. The average height of both buildings was 10.0m (HT). This was resolved by hiring 2 x very large scissor lifts. From the design stage, special attention was required to achieve the large floor spans and window openings that the client wanted.

The 1st-floor structure needed to incorporate underfloor heating water pipes. This comprised of an 18mm OSB baseboard then Timber batons were fitted at 250mm centres. Thereafter Polystyrene insulation panels were fitted with grooves for water pipes.

Once pipes were laid a 15mm Fibre cement board was fitted and Bamboo flooring to finish.
Avoiding the water pipes while fixing was a huge challenge.

The front box gutter and parapet was a challenge. To achieve the spans and detail requested by the client it was made-up of various panels screwed together to achieve the U-shape and structural stability required.

Walkways and Raked deck with step-down fire pit area also created some design challenges along with its sub-structures and composite deck cladding.


This project definitely shows the diversity of the LSF building method and cladding in a commercial and industrial environment in a single job.

The factory building:

The 10m high factory walls with pre-painted Shiplap cladding is a new and unusual product used to achieve a softer finish and energy efficient wall as opposed to the norm of brick and IBR cladding. The LSF insulated wall cladding was a preferred option used to achieve a more comfortable working environment in the factory, conforming to a European standard.

The office block building:

This design is a perfect example of what the LSB building system can achieve in a modern and open plan design.

The opportunity to be involved in the project from inception and design stage to completion once again gave us the opportunity to work hand in hand with the Architect and Engineers to push the design limits of the LSF system. Both buildings are 100% Structural / LSF steel, no brick elements.

The wide span uninterrupted opening along with the large roof and floor spans and the unusual walkways, canter levered boardroom and entertainment deck were all constructed with standard LSF “LIP” channel sections. This shows the diversity of the simple 0.8mm thick 40 x 90mm “LIP” channel as produced by a framecad rollformer.  The sky is the limit it can create most shapes and forms.

Shospec are extremely proud of the end product.  The 2 in 1 factory building and upmarket high-end office block.