Project Profile: The S.E.E.D

The SEED is immediately visible upon entering the Weiler Primary School in Alexandra, Johannesburg, through the main entrance. The colourful building nestled between the classroom blocks and the administration building is a direct contrast to the traditional face brick school buildings. Once on the main school corridor the technicolour clad facade of the ground floor container of the SEED comes into full view. Long thin windows, located between the book shelves on the interior, jut through the colourful facade. The upper container, painted in green and grey, hovers over the library entrance. The architects were first briefed to design a world-class library which they presented to the client. The intention was that this design could be used as a blueprint for future libraries in South African schools.

This building could not be realised as it was not possible to raise sufficient funding. The architects went back to the drawing board and proposed a smaller building, with a smaller budget, built from two shipping containers. Thus, the SEED was born. The SEED is made up of the basics of a school library; a place to access information, do homework and read. It is a working example of an exciting, stimulating place that not only houses.

The SEED – Steel Construction Journal Extract (PDF)
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The SEED Copyright Andrew Royal Photography2


Developer/Owner: MAL Foundation
Architect: Architects Of Justice
Project Manager: Mi-Amor
Main Contractor: Dymond Engineering Steelwork
Contractor/s: Dymond Engineering