The development comprises of three separate warehouse structures for the storage and distribution of chemicals, ancillary structures for staff and maintenance, hardstands and drainage required within the Umbogwintwini Industrial Complex on a brown field site.

Warehouses B&C were constructed with concrete columns up to 2.4 m height due to the rigidity offered and for the greater resistance to folk-lift impact and to lift the steelwork out of the flooding zone of any chemical spills. The warehouses have internal racking to store mainly non-flammable liquid chemicals in containers.  Warehouse C required particular attention to be paid to the horizonal deflection of the structure due to 13m high racking being placed next to the walls and the use of Very Narrow Aisle (VNAs) forklifts for the placing and removal of the containers.  The two warehouses are connected by a steel canopy spanning over the road and loading area.

Warehouse A is designed to store the flammable bulk chemicals in the facility, the warehouse was designed using precast columns and tilt-up walls to the underside of the steel roof sheeting, the steel roof is designed as non-continuous over the whole warehouse and instead is designed per compartment within the warehouse for safety in case of fire to prevent spread of the fire or fumes, progressive collapse and to limit the damage done in case of an explosion or fire.  The connection of the steelwork to the precast concrete elements required some unusual connection solutions for the purlins which are chemically anchored to the top of the wall.  An inverted plated U-bracket with fin plates and a slotted hole was designed to fit over the wall panels after the panel had been lifted into place and required input from the steel contractor and precast contractor to find a solution that would minimise drilling at height and time on site.

Tons of structural steel used 600,780 tonnes
Structural profiles used Hot rolled sections with Cold formed Purlins and Girts

Project Team

Project Team Role Company
Nominator ARUP (Pty) Ltd
Client/ Developer Newlyn
Architect Paton Taylor Architects
Structural Engineer Arup (Pty) Ltd
Quantity Surveyor BTKM
Project Manager Newlyn Group
Main Contractor Newlyn Group
Steelwork Contractor Impact Engineering (Pty) Ltd
Steel Erector Impact Engineering (Pty) Ltd
Cladding Manufacturer Global Roofing Solutions
Cladding Supplier Global Roofing Solutions
Cladding Contractor Impact Engineering (Pty) Ltd
Corrosion Protection
Phoenix Galvanising
Corrosion Protection
Durban Galvanising

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