Auto Bavaria Midrand became the first black empowered Dealership in South Africa when it was purchased from BMW South Africa in 1998 by Andre Dreyer. Pamodzi Investment Holdings partnered with Andre Dreyer in 1999. In the twenty years of being one of the largest privately-owned Dealerships in South Africa, Auto Bavaria has gone from strength to strength; maintaining high levels of sales and service and consistently being one of the top Dealerships in the country.

The project features a showroom to one of the most desired brands in South Africa The Showroom steel structure consists of two girder trusses with a 59m and 57m span that supports a total of 10 portal trusses on the one side and 11 on the over side spanning 22.5m on the one sides & 17m on the other side internally. The average span for the purlins was 10.667m. Due to these large spans for the purlin and standard cold formed was selected for the structural capabilities. The showroom is roughly estimated at 4000 m² (including canopy area) with a total tonnage of 130t (canopy weighs 30- 60t)

The steel structure was divided into two phases with the canopies as the last phase. The spring height for the showroom is approximately 5m with reinforced concrete columns.

The challenges faced during the erection of the steel structure were mostly natural causes such as rain and wind that made working conditions difficult and thorough safety precautions were adhered to.

Completion date of steelwork March 2018
Completion date of full project July 2018
Tons of structural steel used 68 Tons
Structural profiles used Angles and CFLC and IPE’s Trusses – 60x60x4 and 60x60x6 Girders – IPEAA160 

Columns – Columns UC152x152x30