We have done several buildings for Bidfood and their brief is all similar. The size of the warehouse & office is dictated by their location and city size, as this was in Nelspruit the size was not to big 3000m2 in warehouse space, including a freezer area and  1500m2 of office space, all to be covered by one warehouse roof. The roof design is affected by the internal access to the freezer pods which cool the freezer area, as well as allowing space for the smoke ventilators and translucent sheeting which allows more natural light into the warehouse.

Were there any particular innovations you were looking to achieve from the steel cladding?

As we have a freezer inside the warehouse, the freezer panels can be exposed to the elements thus not needing cladding around the freezer. This allows us to only clad to 1m under the top of the freezer, this is a unique design which separates our building from other warehouses. This is not really an innovation, but is different from any other warehouses we do.

Any specific other details you would like to mention that you feel would help the submission?

As we have a fairly large roof area, this allowed us to harvest rain water from eastern slope of the warehouse (approximately 2400m2 of roof) into a rainwater harvesting area. This water was then connected to the internal  plumbing  as grey water which was used to flush toilets, urinals and irrigation water.

The Western side of the roof (approximately 1300m2 of roof) was used for solar panels which were connected to our geysers and heat pumps to save on the electrical demand.

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Completion date of steelwork September 2018
Tons of structural steel used 140T
Structural profiles used Castellated C20 columns and beams lattice truss and girder angle configs
Completion date of cladding November 2018
Cladding profile/ type used Safintra Saflok 700, Safintra IBR
Cladding area/ coverage and tonnage 3 000m²
Nominator Safintra
Client/ Developer Bidvest Food Services
Architect Empowered Spaces
Structural Engineer Sotiralis Consulting Engineers 
Main Contractor Bantry Construction Services 
Steelwork Contractor Cerbon
Steel Erector Cerbon
Cladding Manufacturer Safintra
Cladding Supplier Safintra
Cladding Contractor Cerbon

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