The structure is called “CUBOID 3” and is developed to have an alternative accommodation option at the Afriski Mountain Resort in Lesotho. This structure is highly insulation and can also be used anywhere else other than Lesotho

What was the brief to the architect?

The Consort 13 (a group of 4 friends), have requested Eugene Barnard to design a small but comfortable accommodation without a kitchen as the patronne are required to make use of the Resort restaurant. 

Was the project envisaged in steel from the start? If not – why was it built in steel in the end?

The steel construction was considered from the outset as we needed to uplift the unit and transport it to Lesotho. The exterior Chromadek® and rusted steel were considered to reduce future maintenance cost.

Give a brief description of the structural framing. What type of sections were used (e.g. hollow, cellular, I beams etc) and why?

The steel construction was designed as follows; 100x100x3 square hollow section as structural columns with sliding adjustable/ extendable legs to accommodate earth levels. 200x75x20x2 lip channel floor and roof ring beams were used which created the width to match the Neopor insulation and the height to accommodate the floor and roof lip channel (100x75x20x2) support structures

Give a brief description of the cladding process (complexity, difficulty, innovation etc)

Charcoal 490 wide Chromadek® pans were used in a vertical cladding and the contracting rusted special pattern designed/bent 1,2 cold rolled steel was used alternatively. This was considered in lieu of timber cladding

Were there any challenges in the fabrication of the project from the engineer’s design – if yes, please tell? Tell more about fabrication and erection process if it was complex, difficult, innovative etc.

Being the first project of this nature to me, it always posed a problem to work underneath or at roof level of the specially built 6700×3200 steel frame. With the help of a friend and landlord, Gerrie van Belk um from Travel tops, we rigged a small overhead crawler beam designed by DNS Consulting Engineers with a Block and Tackle pulley to assist in lifting and moving the steel structures into place. The steel frames had to be bolted together before the cladding could commence. Since completed, the 3 separate sections can now be unbolted and loaded onto a truck to transport

What is special/ unusual/ innovative/ aesthetic about the steelwork/cladding in this project?

We designed this shaped 1.2 cold rolled steel sheet with various heights and widths to imitate timber which was initially considered. We believe we achieved a better-looking finish after we forced the rusting process resulting in low to no maintenance

How did the project team work together (e.g. contractor involved early, challenges/ ease of communication etc.)

All contractors and professionals were carefully selected from past experiences. This eliminated confusion resulting in good communication and deliverables were met

Completion date of steelwork May 2018
Completion date of full project Oct 2018
Tons of structural steel used 1.785 tons
Structural profiles used 100x100x3 corner columns, 95x95x5 adjustable corner legs, 200x75x20x2 lipchannel ring beams, 75x50x20x2 roof beams, 100x75x20x2 support columns, 125x75x20x2 floor joist,

125x75x2 rainwater pipes

SA content – if this is an export project All RSA content


Completion date of LSFB work SA Pine infull work
Type of cladding 490 Chromadek® Pan cladding 1,2 Cold rolled rusted sheets

OSB board on the interior


Completion date of cladding 31 August 2018
Cladding profile/ type used 490 Chromadek® Pan cladding 1,2 Cold rolled rusted sheets
Cladding area/ coverage and tonnage 50 sqm -490 Chromadek® pan cladding =0.200 ton 32 sqm – 1.2 Cold rolled steel = 0.434 ton
Cost of cladding 490 Chromadek® pans = R 5 360.95

1.2 Cold rolled steel = R 18 346.00

Nominator BBa Architects
Client/ Developer Consort 13 partnership
Architect BBa Architects
Structural Engineer DNS Engineers
Main Contractor Zestiblox cc
Steelwork Contractor Geldenhuys Steel
Steel Erector Geldenhuys Steel
Cladding Manufacturer Alltodeck
Cladding Manufacturer Foxgroup
Cladding Contractor Zestiblox cc
Roofing and Cladding Global Roofing Solutions
Site rigger GR Travel tops
Corrosion Protection Paintwork Contractor Geldenhuys Steel