This is a landmark project, albeit small in tonnage terms. It illustrates what can be achieved using LSF!

The bi-axially curved façade walls give expression to the architect’s design, at a much lower cost than would have been the case had reinforced concrete been used. The rapid assembly and erection shaved weeks off the building programme. It provides a ventilated façade which translates into thermal insulation to the office building interior. The wall panels consist of (from the outside) aluminium cladding (thickness?), ETICS cladding (60 mm thick), vapour permeable membrane (?), 90mm LSF support structure, Cavity Bat insulation (?), Fire Stop gypsum board. Key for the success of the project was the meticulous 3-D design to facilitate integration of the curved LSF framework, the window schedules and the structural concrete.

What makes this project special? LSF allowed the designer to create a unique and striking building exterior, like no other. The insulated LSF walling provides excellent insulation (R-value …..) which will save electricity for heating and cooling over the design life of the building. It was executed at much lower cost than alternatives, and is said to be maintenance free. It is a prominent reminder on the Waterfall skyline of creative designs. A comment received from the USA sums it up – ‘in what galaxy is this building?’

Tons of LSF used 7 ton
Profiles used 90mm C section
Cladding profile/ type used Weber ETICS and 15mm Firestop Gyproc boards
Cladding area/ coverage and tonnage 1400 sqm

Project Team

Project Team Role Company
Nominator Ohlhorst LBS Pty Ltd
Client/ Developer Attacq Property Development
Structural Engineer HAGE engineers
Main Contractor Group 5
Steelwork Contractor Ohlhorst LBS Pty Ltd
Steel Erector Ohlhorst LBS Pty Ltd


Cladding Supplier Quinton
Cladding Contractor Ohlhorst LBS Pty Ltd
Photographer, Photo


Ohlhorst LBS Pty Ltd