Gibela Rail Transport Consortium is a new empowered South African rail company tasked with the revitalisation of rail transport in South African metro areas. The purpose of the Gibela Train Station project was to create a train manufacturing facility in Nigel, Gauteng.

A number of processes needed to be housed within the facility and the design team was tasked with creating a series of specialised warehouses that were not only functional and could accommodate all of the production processes, but were also aesthetically pleasing. Steel was chosen from the outset because it would enable a streamlined construction process that would meet the client’s budget restrictions.

The structural framing at the Gibela Train Station consists of I-beam sections from the columns. The entrance building has cellular beams while some of the warehousing buildings had lattice columns that were also made up of I-beams. The structure also included a cantilever canopy of 1.25 metres.

Over 300 tonnes of cladding was supplied for the 55000 m2 area that needed to be clad. Global Roofing Solutions’ Klip-Tite was specified for the project, which involved large spans and large sheeting. The sheeting was rolled on site and the product enabled the design team to achieve the desired results. A Safflok 700 0.55m profile was used for the roof and a 0.55 trim flute cladding was used for the vertical sections.

Many of the project team members were located at the engineering consultancy, which helped to facilitate collaboration and information sharing. Instead of the project team meeting on a weekly basis, the close proximity of many of the team members created a positive dynamic and contributed to the success of the project. The Gibela Train Station was delivered on time and within budget.

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