We had to design special box sections for the heavy duty trusses to fit into as the rafters weight was 320kg per rafter and with special ridge beams to be fitted.  Flooring was done with light steel frame joist spaced 300mm with 12mm fibre cement board (Marley) with structural screed of 90mm and special sound mats of 50mm each inside the joist which also allowed for all services to easily run in between the joists to be sound proof wall assembly system.

External cladding supplied by Marley Handyplank with OSB boards 12mm and tyvec moisture membrane, 20mm tophat steel battens and then Hanyplank.

We had to create an brick look white wash internal wall in lounge which has been done with Brick.

Timber trusses was specially designed as solid rafters open exposed trusses.

We created an unsupported span of 11 meters for the lounge section going out to the deck and pool which has been done with special engineering design on truss beam plated with 1.2mm galvanized plating and special bolts as additional strength.

Square meters:   750sq
8 Months

Nominator: Rancor
Steel supplier:  Pholaco
Main contractor:  Rancor
Structural Engineering:  EMC Engineering

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