What is the purpose of the structure/ project?
To carry out alterations & additions to an existing facility for Hino trucks

Was the project envisaged in steel from the start? If not – why was it built in steel in the end? The existing steel structure did not change. Only sheeting was carried out.

How did the project team work together (e.g contractor involved early, challenges/ ease of communication etc.) The client was going to carry out roof sheeting direct which ultimately would have created split responsibility in the construction. The main contractor requested for the roof sheeting to be done through the main contract to prevent split responsibility and potential program issues.

Project Team

Project Team Role Company
Nominator  Safintra
Client/ Developer Mccarthy Limited
Architect Dimension Studio
Structural Engineer Kantley & Templer
Engineer Kantley & Templer
Quantity Surveyor Quanticost
Project Manager Dimension Studio
Main Contractor Norvo Construction
Steelwork Contractor N/A
Steel Erector N/A
Cladding Manufacturer FOUR SEASONS
Cladding Supplier  
Cladding Contractor  
Corrosion Protection
Corrosion Protection
Paintwork Contractor
Photographer, Photo competition Kierran Allen Photography
Photographer, Other submitted images  

If you were a part of this project, and your company details are incorrect or missing – please notify the SAISC so that the error can be corrected.