The purpose of the structures supplied was exclusively for Roofing trusses as well as side cladding. The architect was instructed to design in order to give a bit of a different aesthetic appeal to the schools towards the standard look of most other schools

Why steel?

Initially wood was considered for the project, however, after consulting with the project team they changed their view of what can be done with Light Steel Frame, clad with Klip-Lok Colourplus/ Chromadek® sheeting.

Furthermore the much lighter roofs reduced the loading on the supporting structure, especially on the walk ways. We were also able to do a low pitch, long span truss, for a much more cost effective price than other materials like wood.

We used a C-section; G550 – LSF section to manufacture the trusses, with a Zincalume coating as well as Zincalume top hat 40 & 20 sections for the roof and ceiling battens. The roof sheeting was done with Klip-Tite, Dark Dolphin sheeting.

There were no real challenges on the manufacturing side, as all the trusses were only varying in length for the different buildings.

LSF was however chosen due to the speed & accuracy of manufacturing that was able to be maintained as most of the schools were build more or less the same time, by different contractors, but had to receive their roofs at more or less the same time.

The design of the side cladding and finishing there were the key factors in giving the project a different but very pleasing aesthetical look.

We were already approached at the design stage to verify that the plans and ideas of the professional team will be able to be executed, which made communication during the project a lot easier as all parties knew what was expected and what the final look that the architect envisioned looked like. There were therefore minimal practical challenges on site.

Completion date of LSFB work Jan 2019
Completion date of full project End of April
Profiles used Frame master 89 x 39 x 12
Type of cladding Fibre Cement Boards – UFCC


Completion date of cladding

End of March

Cladding profile/ type used

UFCC Fibre Cement Board

Klip-Lok Colourplus/ Chromadek®

Coil Manufacturer

ArcelorMittal South Africa

Nominator Siteform
Architect BV Argitekte
Structural Engineer By DESIGN Structural Engineering
Main Contractor Inyathi Infra (Pty) Ltd
Steelwork Contractor Siteform
Cladding Manufacturer UFCC
Cladding Contractor Siteform