The purpose of the project was to create a single family home within a nature estate with the aim to celebrate steel. The brief to the Architect was to design a double story, single family home to the accommodation requirements of the Estate but to incorporate steel in its many forms as part of the house. The house to be refined and luxurious but have structural steel and steel as a final finishing material.

From inception, the intention of the client was to use steel in the structure as well as a choice finishing product for cladding and privacy screens.

The structural framing was limited to the angled columns and curved roof trusses of the main roof. 245 x 146 I-beam sections forming the angled columns and curved roof rafters were fabricated off site and craned into place.

The choice of cladding was 1,2m x 2,4m x 3mm thick corten flat sheets. The corten with its final rusted finish allowed the steel to fit into the natural environment.

The design opted for hidden fixing and welding of the corten sheets unto the subframe which caused some difficulty. The hidden welding was successfully and innovatively executed. After the exact roof curve was determined the fabrication of the curved trusses did not provide any challenges. The use of steel actually made the process very easy and streamlined.

What makes steel special and innovative in this project is the use of steel as aesthetic and sculptural elements.

From the angled columns supporting the curved main roof to the corten clad box with no visible fixing. This approach created a feel of sophistication.

The Project Team enjoyed this project and all Professionals and Contractors were involved from the concept stage.

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Completion date of steelwork July 2015
Completion date of full project April 2018
Tons of structural steel used 10 Tons
 Structural profiles used 254 X 146 I-BEAM; 50 X 75; 50 X 100; 50 X 25 RECTANGULAR HOLLOW SECTIONS
Completion date of cladding July 2016
Cladding profile/ type used 1,2m X 2,4m X 3mm Thick CORTEN FLAT SHEETS
Cladding area/ coverage and tonnage 90m²
Nominator Recreate Architects
Client/ Developer Structures 2000
Architect Recreate Architects
Structural Engineer Johan van der Wald
Main Contractor Ebcon Builders
Steelwork Contractor Structures 2000
Steel Erector Structures 2000
Cladding Manufacturer Allied Steelrode
Cladding Supplier Structures 2000
Cladding Contractor Mordt Engineering
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