The idyllic setting of Monaghan Farm was the main catalyst for this project.  Initially, the house was to be used for weekend getaways, a place to relax and a place for the client’s son to walk around in nature without the barriers of walls and security guards.  Halfway through the project, it became clear that this was a place where the client wanted to live full-time and decided to make this his primary residence.

Brief by the Client to the Architect: The architect brief evolved due to the change of purpose of the property.  Initially, it was to build a modest glass box on the river but then it matured to a full family home.  From an architectural perspective, the client did not want a contemporary modern home, similar to what you see popping up in Sandton and new estates. The desire was to build something that was mid-century modern that had a 60’s feel.  This was difficult for the architect to initially conceptualize, leading the client to reject his initial proposal outright and then sketching a simple structure with a glass box on top and a lower level of two underground wings which he expertly executed.

Completion date of steelwork June 2018
Completion date of full project December 2018
Tons of structural steel used 35.6 Tons
Structural profiles used 254x146x31 UB; 120x120x6 SHS; 

254x254x73 UC; 100775x20x2.5 CFLC

Nominator C-Plan Structural Engineers
Client/ Developer Colin Sheperd
Structural Engineer C-Plan Structural Engineers
Main Contractor Rob Building Construction
Steelwork Contractor Estee Automation
Steel Erector Estee Automation