When it comes to the look and feel of a house, the owner is mainly interested in one thing. Having his/her home delivered as per the architect’s vision. This expectation can make the work of the engineer difficult, particularly as the engineer has to specify structural supports that satisfy complex architectural specifications.

Traditional structural elements are primarily designed to satisfy structural performance and low cost criteria. Therefore, it is challenging for modern engineers to meet architectural expectations, of say light and airy buildings, without subjecting the owner to great expense.

Having appreciated this challenge, we at Aura Entle asked ourselves why cost-effective structural solutions are not being developed to complement modern architecture, instead of structural elements being the cause of contention between engineers and architects. We found the answer in the Fluted Floor System (FFS) and more specifically, the novel product that we call the FFS Main Beam (FFS – MB), which was our innovation in the last year.

Mr Skosana, of Willow Acres Pretoria had a 7,0m long span where load bearing brick walls would typically sit to support the slab. Here, typical engineering practice would have had few options but to specify a hefty beam jutting out below the soffit, extending across the entire length of the opening – a costly compromise of the architectural vision of the high end home. Fortunately, that was a compromise that did not have to be made, thanks to Aura Entle and the FFS-MB.

Unlike other flat slab solutions the Fluted Floor System is self-supporting during construction without a need for props, formwork or cranes. It is a floor system with components that can be manually lifted and always fit within the body of the slab – without the need for visible beams – even when spanning over long openings on all the edges of the slab. Therefore the FFS was the perfect floor for the Pretoria designed home.

Over and above the impressive combined structural and aesthetic features lent by the FFS, the floor system offered high comfort through its superior built in insulation pockets that help isolate noise, providing a high degree of privacy between bedrooms above and public spaces below.

For the team at Aura Entle developing the FFS is further testament to how steel is the answer to the evolving desires that architects and clients alike seek for their projects.

Completion date of steelwork 20/08/2018
Completion date of full project 06/11/2018
Tons of structural steel used 2.454
Structural profiles used Fluted Floor System
Nominator Aura Entle
Client/ Developer RS Skosana
Structural Engineer Arrow Point
Main Contractor GTP Holdings
Steelwork Contractor Aura Entle
Steel Erector Aura Entle