The 250 ton K&N warehouse structure is 124 meters long and 84 meters wide. The height of the high roof portion is 18 meters. ⁠ ⁠ The variation in roof height allows for well placed use of translucent sheeting, allowing natural light into the space. The variation also accommodates the client’s racking structure.⁠


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Physical address of the project   


Street Address  



ERF 1832;  


Green Close 3, 

JT Ross Plumbago Park, 

Witfontein Ext 54, 

Kempton Park, 



GPS Co-ordinates   26°04’16.0″S 28°16’32.8″E  



Google Maps link 


Completion date of steelwork  June 2019 
Completion date of full project  August 2019 
Tonnage and steel profiles used  250 tons  



UB and UC columns, 

Angle lattice trusses, 

IPE, UC and angle lattice girders, 

PFC gable rafters, 

Pre-galvanised CFLC purlins and girts, 

Angle and CHS bracing. 


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