After heavy summer rains in KZN there are many rivers that come down in flood. This makes crossing dangerous and has resulted in sufficient incidents to have motivated KZN Transport to erect suspension bridges with a standardized design in numerous places. These hot dip galvanized bridges are user-friendly to erect in the most rural of areas.

A truly great community spirited project, this bridge is so much more than just another footbridge. For starters, we usually think of a pedestrian bridge placed in a city over some busy road or railway line……not so these bridges

If ever a bridge was placed to be of maximum benefit to the local community, to really save lives in flooded conditions, these bridges did just that. Can you imagine what this peaceful stream might look when in full spate?

Placed in rural locations, to service quite small communities, these bridges represent what service delivery by any of the 3 tier government sectors should be about.

Identify a need in many places, methodically come up with an excellent modular engineering solution that largely fits all situations, make a few small modifications to suit local conditions, and hey presto we get a cost-effective stable suspension bridge that is a win-win for both the developer, KZN transport and the community.

Now most of us think of a suspension bridge as a swing bridge……and this is where the good engineering comes into this solution, the multiple cables, the diagonal members, the standard modules and and and net result, very little by way of a swinging motion on these bridges. Hot dip galvanizing eliminates the need for future maintenance for a long time….

A truly deserving project to be recognized with a special commendation in the community development category, the KZN Rural suspension bridges.