The project features a two-story office block and a mezzanine office. The warehouse and offices were designed for dolomitic conditions with a post-tensioned surface bed (FM2 finish). The warehouse steel structure consists of two girder trusses with a 32m span that supports a total of 16 portal trusses spanning 32m on the sides & 24m internally. The average span for the purlins was 10.667m with one bay spanning 12m. Due to these large spans for the purlin a Metsec section was selected for the structural capabilities it gives compared to standard cold formed lipped sections.

The warehouse is roughly estimated at 16600 m² (excluding canopy area) with a total tonnage of 408t (canopy weighs 16t)

The steel structure was divided into four phases with the canopies as the fourth phase. The spring height for the warehouse is approximately 15,1m with reinforced concrete columns extending 13.5m above the surface bed to support the portals.

The challenges faced during the erection of the steel structure were mostly natural causes such as rain and wind that made working conditions difficult and thorough safety precautions were adhered to.

On the Main warehouse

 The large spans for the purlin whilst keeping the weight for the structure as low as possible, further the selection of available purlin sections (demand and supply) that can span the required distances was a challenge by itself.

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Completion date of steelwork June 2018
 Completion date of full project 12 December 2018
Tons of structural steel used 408 Tons
Structural profiles used I-sections, Angles, Hollow sections, cold formed sections, metsec z & c sections, T- sections,
 Completion date of cladding October 2018
Cladding profile/ type used Horizontal = CRAFT-LOCK® 0.58MM G 300 S AZ 100 COLORPLUS RIBBED METAL SHEETING  


Completion date of full project Practical Completion = 12 December 2018
Tons of LSF used 7 Tons
Span of trusses and Kg/m2 (if applicable) No Truss, Beam Span Roughly 14.2m
 Profiles used I-Sections, Angles, Square Hollow Sections, Cold Formed Sections
Project Team Role Company
Nominator SE Steel Fabrication (PTY) Ltd
Client/ Developer Fortress REIT Limited
Architect ICM Architecture
Structural Engineer Sotiralis Conslting Engineers
Engineer Sotiralis Conslting Engineers
Quantity Surveyor Quanticost Pretoria
Project Manager  
Main Contractor Archstone Construction
Steelwork Contractor SE Steel Fabrication (PTY) Ltd
Steel Erector SE Steel Fabrication (PTY) Ltd
Cladding Manufacturer Clotan Steel
Cladding Supplier Clotan Steel
Cladding Contractor GM Roofing
Corrosion Protection Paintwork Contractor Dram Trading
Nomination Document Submission KRU Detailing CC
Structural Steel Detailer KRU Detailing CC
Photographer, Photo competition Photography by Micaela

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