Finding himself pressed for time, Dr S. Albanis from AIS-CE Consulting Engineers, the Engineer of Project Mc Edward’s-House Extension in Midrand Kyalami, evaluated alternative options for a flooring system, i.e. reinforced / prestressed / prefabricated or in-situ concrete.

The main requirements he considered to tackle the looming December crunch in the construction industry, where

  • Structural performance to meet the load criteria
  • Speed of construction / erection
  • Avoid “hidden” later unavoidable time-consuming activities such as screed, structural topping, ceiling, etc.
  • Aesthetics of the final product

At a meeting with Aura Entle, the Deep Flute Floor System was presented to the Engineer.

Aura Entle was delighted upon the announcement by Dr. S. Albanis that the Deep Flute Floor System was selected amongst all other candidate alternatives as it was satisfying the stringent criteria for the assessment.

The Deep Flute Floor System is a floor system characterized by its steel permanent formwork. The steel acts alone to carry the construction loads – without any support within its span.The steel formwork also serves as the mould giving the concrete the shape required of it to act as part of the Engineered floor system.

Significantly less concrete is required in the Deep Flute Floor System – than traditional floor systems -thanks to the steel. As a result, a Deep Flute floor is much lighter than other floors. The Engineer was well pleased with the system as it meant he would not have to redesign his existing walls and foundations to carry additional loads from the slab.

The Deep Flute Floor System does not require the use of any cranes in order to be deployed, and even then the team at Aura Entle was confident that they would deliver the completed 100 square meter floor in under three and a half days of site work.

The folds of steel on the underside of the floor create spacious cavities where services can be placed. The cavities are intentionally kept clear of concrete thus making the services carried out asaccessible for future maintenance and upgrades. Yet another benefit to the Client. The electrician and plumber made use of these spaces to neatly hide away their wires and pipes in the floor.

Finally, armed with the knowledge that the Deep Flute Floor System would not require any props, the Project Engineer saw an opportunity to realize more savings in time, hassle and money. This he would accomplish by taking full advantage of the space available to him on the ground floor – the space that would be free of props. The preparations of the ground slab were run simultaneously with those of the 1st floor slab with the aim of pouring both slabs at the same time. The Engineer’s plan was carried out successfully.

The advantages of the steel formwork floor solution stretched beyond the construction phase. Even though it rained, the kitchen, on top of which was a freshly poured slab, was used by the family on the very day of the pour.

The project represented everything Aura Entle aimed to achieve – delivery on time, within budget and ultimately to see convenience passed down to the Client

Tons of structural steel used 1.53 Tons
Structural profiles used Deep Flute Floor System

Project Team

Project Team Role Company
Nominator AURA ENTLE
Client/ Developer FTT@580 (Pty)Ltd
Architect KTE Trading Enterprise cc
Structural Engineer AIS_CE Consulting Engineering (Pty)Ltd
Engineer Not provided by nominator
Quantity Surveyor Not provided by nominator
Project Manager Not provided by nominator
Main Contractor Goldee Trading
Steelwork Contractor AURA ENTLE
Steel Erector AURA ENTLE
Cladding Manufacturer Not provided by nominator
Cladding Supplier Not provided by nominator
Cladding Contractor Not provided by nominator
Corrosion Protection
Not provided by nominator
Corrosion Protection
Paintwork Contractor
Not provided by nominator
Photographer, Photo competition AURA ENTLE
Photographer, Other submitted images Not provided by nominator

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