The relocation of the EMV Workshop building, a large 280-ton industrial building, is a testament to the sustainability and reusability of structural steel. The structure, which was dismantled, moved over 100km and then reassembled, is made up of heavy hot-rolled sections and large “laced columns” carrying heavy 1.8m high plate girders which house a 200 ton overhead crane. This building is used to service and repair large tipper trucks and other large plant used on the mine. There is no way that the relocation of a building of this size could ever have taken place had it not been for the versatility of steel.

The building was situated in the highest Red Zone Safety area. Therefore, to strip off the roof and side cladding, dismantle a large steel structure, with all the highest of mine safety in place was truly a daunting task. The steelwork contractor put together risk assessments, method statements, fall protection plans, and planned that all safety requirements be met.

On this building, even the cladding had to be re-used, which presented a number of challenges. To replace each sheet in exactly the same position, using the same holes for the screws, otherwise, the roof would be full of holes and leak. Each sheet was marked and numbered in order to re-fit it to the same position.

Because there were no existing drawings for the structure, in order to enable marking up and dismantling the steelwork contractor drew the entire building on Tekla Structures. This enabled a marked up general arrangement which was used to mark every piece of steel with cherry pickers before dismantling the steel structure, reversing the sequence that would have been used to erect the building in the first place. The steel was then cleaned and transported to the new site where the mine wanted the building. The steelwork contractors were very proud of the entire relocation and that it took place 100% accident and incident-free. For this accomplishment, Anglo gave their entire team a bonus as recognition of their accomplishment and safe working practice.

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Completion date of steelwork October 2018
Completion date of full project December 2018
Tons of structural steel used 280 Tons Relocated
Structural profiles used H/R sections / C/R Lipped channel
Completion date of cladding October 2018
Cladding profile/ type used IBR
Cladding area/ coverage and tonnage All cladding relocated
Nominator Ferro Eleganza (Pty) Ltd
Steelwork Contractor Ferro Eleganza (Pty) Ltd
Steel Erector Ferro Eleganza (Pty) Ltd
Cladding Contractor Ferro Eleganza (Pty) Ltd
Corrosion Protection Galvanising Armco Superlite (Pty) Ltd

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