What is the purpose of the structure/ project?
Hospital non-combustible material

What was the brief to the architect?
Due to the success of previous mediclinic projects, non-combustible material was required – ultra-span preferred choice.

Was the project envisaged in steel from the start? If not – why was it built in steel in the end? Yes in light steel framing.

Give a brief description of the structural framing. What type of sections were used (e.g. hollow, cellular, I beams etc.) and why?
The framing used was ultra-span light gage steel framing. The roof structure consist of a hipped roof structure with Dutch gable ends.

Give a brief description of the Light Steel Frame Building element of the project. (Notable features/ achievements made possible by LSFB) the inverted shape of the ultra-span roof trusses opened a new door for design requirements of light steel frame roof structures. With truss spans ranging between 14m and 20m clear spans in ultra-span light steel framing. The total roof area is 4500m2

Were there any challenges in the fabrication of the project from the engineer’s design – if yes, please tell? Tell more about fabrication and erection process if it was complex, difficult, innovative etc.

The roof trusses were manufactured in Rooftek’s factory and have been transported to site. Portions of the roof structure where assemble on the concrete slab and has been lifted up with a crane into position.

What is special/ unusual/ innovative/ aesthetic about the steelwork/cladding in this project?

The roof structure was detail to be supported in-between the concrete ring beams on brackets. This created challenges (Design, cost and erecting) with the time frame given to erect the required roof structure.

MiTek Engineering Cape town (Designer Jaco van Wyk) came up the required framing solution that is more cost effective in a variety of fields throughout the project, i.e. The erecting of the roof structure made simpler by assembling portions of the roof structure on the a concrete slab and lifting the required sections into place, reducing cost of the amount of connections of the trusses to the concrete ring beams, opening new opportunity for services (water pipes and electrical cables) to be connected to the concrete ring beams and reducing torsional moments on the concrete ring beams.

The inverted shape roof truss provided a structurally sound roof structure that was designed to accommodate services like a/c units and ducting and Solar PV panels to the one elevation of the roof structures

The special shaped inverted ultra-span roof trusses have drawn attention to architect and engineers. This has opened an opportunity for ultra-span in the western cape especially in the field where non-combustible material must be used

How did the project team work together (e.g contractor involved early, challenges/ ease of communication etc.)

The project was driven By Kalahari (Rooftek) since the tendering process of the project. All designs aspects and complication of the roof structure was discussed with MiTek, the architect, engineer and project manager on site prior to the final designs to eliminate most of the manufacturing and erecting of the roof structure.

The project management on this project was managed with excellence and all relevant problems that occurred on site, like additional gable gladding details and gable overhangs was resolved in a quick a provisional manner.

Excellent communications via e-mails and site meeting of all parties involved with the require roof structure made the completion of structure a smooth process.

Project Team

Project Team Role Company
Nominator MiTek
Client/ Developer Not specified by nominator
Architect TV3
Structural Engineer Smart Structural Solutions
Engineer (Mitek)

Designed & Inspection (MiTek)



Quantity Surveyor Not specified by nominator
Project Manager Not specified by nominator
Main Contractor Not specified by nominator
Steelwork Contractor Not specified by nominator
Steel Erector Not specified by nominator
Cladding Manufacturer Not specified by nominator
Cladding Supplier Not specified by nominator
Cladding Contractor Not specified by nominator
Corrosion Protection
Not specified by nominator
Corrosion Protection
Paintwork Contractor
Not specified by nominator
Photographer, Photo competition Not specified by nominator
Photographer, Other submitted images Not specified by nominator

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