First and foremost, the space was intended to be practical and utilitarian. It had to accommodate four cars and a workshop on the ground level, and a space in which the client could work, entertain and relax – a multi-use mezzanine level was incorporated for this purpose. Notwithstanding this functional focus, it was also intended for the structure to assume an interesting and visually pleasing form.


On a trip to Iceland in 2017 the client was struck by the number of buildings, both traditional
residential and modern commercial/mixed use, which were constructed in, or at least clad by,
steel. Furthermore, the clean lines and stark simplicity of Scandinavian design were greatly
appealing. Inspired by this, the client undertook a few concept sketches for a garage/workshop
which he thought would be an interesting project to undertake. He also wished to experiment with using steel as a building material, with a view to possibly employing the materials and methods in a house-build in the future.

The brief from the client was to design a multi-use garage-workshop-studio in a Scandinavian minimalist style, based on the concept sketches and imagery provided. The client felt strongly that the structural materials used in the construction were to be celebrated and presented as feature elements, not concealed by plaster, paint, etc. Steel I-beams are left exposed throughout the structure and all the internal walls and ceilings are clad in raw Oriented Strand Boards (OSB), a material not often considered a finishing.

The client always envisaged using steel for the exterior cladding. The one inherent challenge was that the structure might appear too ‘industrial’ for a suburban setting. This was mitigated by the use of timber externally (both on the double sectional garage doors and the cladding on the underside of the roof overhang) and internally (with the use of OSB cladding throughout).

Structural framing:
The structural framing consisted of I beams and lip channels mostly to keep the costs to a
minimum as well as keeping the main framing as basic as possible. The I beams were used for
the main portal frame to also allow the internal timber cladding to terminate into the top flange of
the beam while leaving the rest of the beam exposed as a feature. The I beam for the mezzanine also allowed for the structural timber beams to be supported within the flange of the beam.

The cladding seemed a standard application, specialized workmanship was required in aligning the rib lines from the roof cladding down onto the side cladding, further, the complexity ensued in the flashing details, whereby the eaves flashing had to conceal the edge of the roof cladding and the flow of the water. The barge and corner flashing were made up to suit the rib lines of the cladding. A specially designed gutter and cover flashing were required on the splayed end of the roof cladding ensuing a concealed edge and conforming with the eaves flashing, further all cladding troughs covered by flashing were sealed with serrated closers.
The design incorporated an asymmetrical roof overhang detail, which was to be clad in timber on the underside, to match the garage doors. AS mentioned above the overhang required a concealed gutter and flashings which had to be custom-fabricated. Furthermore, all flashings on the front side of the structure were custom-fabricated in a slimmer profile than standard, to attain the level of aesthetics required by the client.

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Completion date of steelwork 5 September 2018
Completion date of full project 1 March 2019
Tons of structural steel used +/- 4 tons
Structural profiles used 203x133x25 I Beams, 254x146x31 I beams , 356x171x51 I beam and 125x25x2.5 steel purlins
Completion date of cladding 18 October 2018
Cladding profile/ type used 0,55mm C1S Colorplus  “Thunderstorm” Nu-Rib roof, side and gable cladding


Cladding area/ coverage and tonnage 245 sqm/ 840 kg
Nominator Global Roofing Solutions
Architect MWA Architecture
Structural Engineer Galatis and Associates
Roofing Contractor Vivace Roofing CC
Roofing and cladding supplier Global Roofing Solutions
Main Contractor Prodevcon Construction

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