What is the purpose of the structure/ project?

The purpose of the project was the refurbishment of the Gate House at the Mintek Head office.

What was the brief to the architect?

The architect produced a render of what was required and basic measurements, it was up to SMC to interpret the vision and implement it.

Give a brief description of the structural framing. What type of sections were used (e.g. hollow, cellular, I beams etc) and why?

Due to the unknown, and irregular nature of the brickwork and concrete substrate, steel grillages where designed and manufactured in Mild steel to enable the connection to the main structure but provided the ability to adjust and straighten the building. Accurate light steel panels where then designed to attach to this new straight frame work.

The grillages where welded up out of 100 x 50 x 2.5 angles with base plates out of 100x 8mm plate.

Give a brief description of the cladding process (complexity, difficulty, innovation etc)

The cladding process involved the installation of the mild steel sub frames, to straighten the building and create the form required by the architect. Light steel frame panels where then installed that provide the connection points for the rivet fixings for the Mineralis cladding Boards

The more complex cladding areas, such as corners, where cut on site after accurate measurements were taken. All installation was as per the Etex installation guidelines

The accuracy required with the installation of Mineralis, provides a first-class final product, but involves complexity to create the accuracy. The challenges involved with this project related mainly to the unknown support work provided by the existing structure. Many load bearing walls where fond to be skins and on-site adaptions had to be made.

Give a brief description of the Light Steel Frame Building element of the project. (Notable features/ achievements made possible by LSFB)

The accuracy provided by Light steel frame design provides the ideal substrate for cladding boards like Mineralis, that require utmost accuracy.

Were there any challenges in the fabrication of the project from the engineer’s design – if yes, please tell? Tell more about fabrication and erection process if it was complex, difficult, innovative etc.

The Fabrication process was relatively straight forward, opposed to the installation portion, that involved quite a lot of searching through the substrate for strong connection points.

What is special/ unusual/ innovative/ aesthetic about the steelwork/cladding in this project?

The integration of the 3 textures in the project, make for an excellent outcome, Mineralis, Marmoran and stone cladding. The challenge for the contractor/designer point of view was to make the material integration lines neat and accurate.

How did the project team work together (e.g contractor involved early, challenges/ ease of communication etc.)

Due to the fact that SMC has an in-house design process, the integration of MS design and fabrication drawings with LSF fabrication drawings; communications are streamlined. The client architect contractor team worked well together to create an excellent outcome.

Tons of structural steel used 8t
Structural profiles used 100x50x2.5 RHS and 100 x 8FL
Profiles used  

90mm Framemaster

Type of cladding ETEX – Mineralis; Marmoran, Stone cladding
 Cladding profile/ type used Etex – Mineralis; Fibre Cement & Marmoran
Cladding area/ coverage and tonnage 482m2

Project Team    

Project Team Role Company
Nominator SMC Africa
Client/ Developer Mintek
Architect PGA Architects
Structural Engineer The Structural Workshop
Engineer Not provided by nominator
Quantity Surveyor Not provided by nominator
Project Manager Not provided by nominator
Main Contractor SMC AFRICA
Steelwork Contractor SMC AFRICA
Steel Erector SMC AFRICA
Cladding Manufacturer MARLEY – ETEX
Cladding Supplier MARLEY – ETEX
Cladding Contractor SMC AFRICA
Corrosion Protection Galvanising Not provided by nominator
Corrosion Protection Paintwork Contractor Not provided by nominator
Photographer, Photo


Not provided by nominator
Photographer, Other submitted images Not provided by nominator

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