When brothers Moses and Selby Mdaka approached Aura Entle to install a floor for their restaurant the team saw the project as an opportunity to carry out its practice of giving opportunity to unemployed youths. The Ngezi Lounge Project is located in the township of Letlhabile, in the North West Province.

South Africa is a country plagued with high levels of unemployment. Residing in it are multitudes of young people who need access to skills development. Aura Entle understands this and attempts to address the problem by decreasing the level of skill required for an inexperienced individual to enter a construction site and make a meaningful contribution.

Aura Entle holds the belief that this can be done by developing technologies that consider the unskilled labourer. With such technologies Aura Entle hopes to deliver projects that would typically be done using heavy machinery and highly trained personnel – with only the help of dedicated workers using simple had-held tools. We believe that this model can be used to deliver high quality projects, and at greater speeds than highly mechanised sites.

The Deep Flute System is a modular floor system characterized by its steel permanent formwork. The Deep Flute is made up of standard light steel components that can be carried and put in place speedily by two people. Simple tools are then used to join everything together to form the complete steel skeleton.

Then steel formwork is designed to carry all the construction loads. The steel also serves as a mould

for the layer of concrete which forms part of the engineered system. For this project the floor was engineered to safely carry 3kN/m2 over 6m long spans.

Aura Entle bravely assigned only two pre-trained workers to the project – with the intention of making up the rest of the team through the involvement of young people from the community. Amo, William and Michael were locally available and eager to get to work.

The trio was introduced to Aura Entle’s team upon our arrival. The team planned to deliver the project in three days – with the concrete pour being completed on the third. Three days was enough to install 100 square meters of flooring area with the pre-trained workers and the young South Africans from the community.

The floor was delivered in the expected time and quality to the joy of the team and to the satisfaction of the Clients.

Tons of structural steel used 1.7 Tons
Structural profiles used Deep Flute Floor System

Project Team

Project Team Role Company
Nominator AURA ENTLE
Client/ Developer MDK Business Solutions
Architect Not provided by nominator
Structural Engineer Arrow Point Engineering
Engineer Not provided by nominator
Quantity Surveyor Not provided by nominator
Project Manager Not provided by nominator
Main Contractor Ostafoghest (Pty)Ltd
Steelwork Contractor AURA ENTLE
Steel Erector AURA ENTLE
Cladding Manufacturer Not provided by nominator
Cladding Supplier Not provided by nominator
Cladding Contractor Not provided by nominator
Corrosion Protection
Not provided by nominator
Corrosion Protection
Paintwork Contractor
Not provided by nominator
Photographer, Photo competition AURA ENTLE
Photographer, Other submitted images Not provided by nominator

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