Omnia is a diversified chemicals Group that supplies chemicals and specialised services and solutions for the agriculture, mining, and chemical application industries. Differentiation is ensured through using innovation combined with intellectual capital, whereby Omnia adds value for customers at every stage of the supply and service chain. With its vision of leaving a “better world” the Group’s solutions promote the responsible use of chemicals for health, safety and a lower environmental impact, with an increasing shift towards cleaner technologies.

A new Quality Control system was implemented internally at SE Steel Fabrication. All fabrication had to be done with a high level of accuracy, this was essential to prevent steelwork arriving on site and possibly requiring additional remedial work before installation, so a best-fit approach was adopted. Any remedial work may have placed the integrity of the anti-corrosive paintwork at risk in an already corrosive environment.

Limited space was available for steelwork, so a laydown area for steelwork was created approximately one kilometer from the actual site. This being the situation, we placed a 20-tonne crane and a horse and trailer permanently on site while the project was running, to ensure the correct sections and steelwork were being fed to the site. Ultimately to prevent delays, there was a need to plan for tomorrows erection, today, to avoid unnecessary standing time. Executing advanced planning on site allowed us to remain on program.

Full penetration welded, purpose made columns, were used on the Main Plant. 3CR12 was selected for the purlins and girts. The paint specification was a complex sand blasted, epoxy corrosion specification, to ensure the longevity of the steelwork on site.

Numerous safety challenges were faced during the tight deadline to complete erection on this 1200 tonne project. A dedicated Safety Officer was permanently placed on site to ensure all safety compliance was met on our part. This proved effective with a less than 1% accident rate during the entire span of the project, including all trades. This number needs to be taken into consideration, knowing, that there were numerous trades working on multiple levels of the structure, at the same time, the whole time. Up until the full height of +-46m.

Tight spaces as viewed in the pictures submitted, meant that cranes and cherry pickers had to be strategically placed in order to reach all necessary corners and the required heights, again often while other trades were working and the various levels of the structure. This also meant that work was halted while wind condition worsened during the erection process. In total, we had two 44m articulate boom cherry pickers, a 220-tonne, 160-tonne and a 50-tonne crane on site the full duration of the project (this excludes the laydown area machinery as listed above)

Planning, erection and project program was cast in stone with a strict deadline, regardless of the weather that there was no time to be wasted all had to be done in one year from design to fully operational. Installation crews and machinery from Europe were due to install their scope of work to ensure that this strict program was implemented, so we had no choice but to meet each deadline.

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Completion date of steelwork February 2019
Completion date of full project March 2019
Tons of structural steel used 1200 Tons
 Structural profiles used UB/UC Columns and Beams Truss and Girder Systems Crane and Crawl Beams Channels   


3CR12 CFLC Purlin and Girts 3CR12 Sag Angles

304 S/S CFLC Girts 304 S/S Sag Angles

Completion date of cladding January 2019
Cladding profile/ type used 304 Stainless Steel
Cladding area/ coverage and tonnage ± 18,000m²


Project Team Role Company
Nominator SE Steel Fabrication (PTY) Ltd
Client/ Developer Omnia Fertilizer a division of Omnia Group Pty Ltd
Structural Engineer Omnia Group Pty Ltd – Group Technical Projects
Engineer Omnia Group Pty Ltd – Group Technical Projects
Project Manager Omnia Group Pty Ltd – Group Technical Projects
Project Manager SE Steel Fabrication (Pty) Ltd
Main Contractor Omnia Fertilizer a division of Omnia Group Pty Ltd
Steelwork Contractor SE Steel Fabrication (Pty) Ltd
Steel Erector SE Steel Fabrication (Pty) Ltd
Cladding Supplier M.R.G
Cladding Contractor M.R.G
Corrosion Protection Paintwork Contractor Dram Trading
Corrosion Protection Paintwork Contractor Rand Sandblasting Projects
Nomination Document Submission KRU Detailing CC
Structural Steel Detailer KRU Detailing CC
Photographer, Photo competition Photography by Micaela
Photographer, Other submitted images Cedric Brender-A-Brandis
Videographer Cedric Brender-A-Brandis
Piping contractor Goss & Balfe

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