Otto Volek was built as a production and distribution hub for Pioneer Foods. They are a company that sells a diverse range of food, beverages and related products nationally and globally.

This facility is being used to store and distribute edible goods; therefore, the initial brief was to design a warehouse component which could store various food products and also manage to be a distribution facility from a central location. There are also various office components around the site of varying scales allowing for the management and control of this massive facility.

The warehouses being approximately 26 000m2 in total, was envisaged to be done in steel with sheeting as it was designed around the possibility of future racking and stacking heights. The most optimum type design or structure was for this to be a sheeted and structural steel warehouse. Hot rolled I beam sections, lattis girder trusses, cold formed purlins, and girts were used in the construction of this warehouse.

The sheeting for the structures is Safintra’s Saflok 700 0.53mm AZ200 Seaspray on the roof, and Widedek 0.50mm AZ200 Seaspray for the cladding. Due to the 60m sheeting lengths that were required for the roof , on-site rolling had to be done with Safintra’s Saflok 700 Mobile Mill. This required both space, planning and lifting onto the roof from ground level. Different sections were milled at different areas of the site so as to help with eased of erection, traffic requirements on a congested site and to minimise double handing of the sheets on site. The sheeting was hoisted to the roof from the inside of the building, as the building was erected almost on the boundary lines. This left no area for the cladding contractors to work and they had to improvise.

Standard warehouse type truss and girder design to meet fast track requirements for the client. The entire site was built in 7 months. The design was based around as fewer columns internally as possible and externally to follow the curve of the site boundary edge which made the structure unusual in shape but to maximise the space usage of the site.

A design that makes the building stand out, is that of a façade that separates the buildings and creates a unique look. This was one the main innovative and aesthetics that the roof contractors had to work around and clad.

Overall the team of professionals working on the Runway Business Park project worked well together, and had a great understanding with each other. With this it helped achieve what was set out to be done, and provide a suitable working environment for the client.

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Completion date of cladding July 2018
Cladding profile/ type used Roof:        Saflok 700 AZ200 0.53 Sea Spray Cladding:  Widedek AZ150 0.50 Sea Spray
Cladding area/ coverage and tonnage 257 000 Tons
Nominator Safintra South Africa
Client/ Developer Newlyn Group
Architect Siza Architects
Structural Engineer Kantey & Templer
Main Contractor Spearville Trading
Steelwork Contractor Cadcon (Pty) Ltd
Steel Erector Cadcon (Pty) Ltd
Cladding Manufacturer Safintra South Africa
Cladding Supplier Safintra South Africa
Cladding Contractor Browndeck Roofing

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