The purpose of the Pepkor Warehouse in Hammarsdale is to serve as a distribution centre for the Pepkor group. The distribution centre consists of the following aspects:

  • Total of 80 000m2 of covered warehouse space (180m wide and 440m long).
  • Main Ackermans office and a main Speciality office with 3000m2 and 1800m2 respectively.
  • A total of 4 node offices of 500m2 each.

The brief to the architect and the team for the structural portion of the project was the following:

  • Warehouse to be ±55,000m² for Ackermans and ±25,000m² for Pepkor Speciality in one building as per the Layout Plan.
  • Approximately 17.35m clear height to underside of eaves.
  • Reinforced concrete and structural steel all to Structural Engineer’s design incorporating appropriate corrosion protection where necessary.
  • Internal column spacing will based on a 33.2m x 30.5m grid (4 doors @ 8.3m centres = 33.2m).
  • The structure steel will be strengthened locally to allow for the installation of solar panels to a roof area of approximately 15,000m².

The warehouse was always envisaged to be constructed mainly out of structural steel. The main support columns of the warehouse were designed and constructed out of concrete up to 12.6m and 17m from FFL. The remainder of the structure was constructed out of structural steel.

The structural system used for the building was based on a girder truss system carrying lateral trusses that makes up the main elements of the roof. Various steel profiles were used for the building from hot rolled I-Beams, Angle irons, Circular hollow sections, cold rolled lipped channels and so forth.

The remarkable aspects of this project were the speed at which the steelwork was erected as well as the completion of the overall project. A total of 2500 ton of structural steel was erected (Main warehouse 2180 tons and canopies / offices 320 tons = 2 500 tons), with the erection commencing on 14 November 2017, and reaching completion of the main warehouse structure (2180 Ton) at the end of March 2017 (which includes a builder’s break). This remarkable achievement was achieved over a period of 90 working days to erect on average of 24 tons per day over a period of 4,5 months, using on average 8 cranes on site over the same period.

A sensitive construction program had the steel contractor under pressure from 19 August 2016 which was the date of appointment. Cadcon Steel Construction decided to enter in a joint venture with A. Leita Steel construction to reach the delivery various dates for erection. The on-site production required to meet the construction program resulted in an average of 485 ton of structural steelwork to be erected per month.

The entire project team worked together successfully throughout the entire duration of the project. Effort was made to design the structure in a manner that suits the various contractors involved at each step of the project to reach the various project milestones.

Tons of structural steel used 2 500 tons
Structural profiles used Hot rolled I-, H-, Angle section, Cold Rolled Lipped channels

Project Team

Project Team Role Company
Nominator EDS Engineering Design Services (Pty) Ltd
Client/ Developer Rokwil Property Development
Architect T C Design Architects
Structural Engineer EDS Engineering Design Services (Pty) Ltd
Engineer Not provided by nominator
Quantity Surveyor MHS Consulting Quantity Surveyors
Project Manager Dave Armstrong
Main Contractor Abbeydale Building and Civils (Pty) Ltd
Steelwork Contractor Cadcon Steel Construction and Engineering
Steel Erector Fanie Leibrandt Steel Erectors
Cladding Manufacturer Macsteel Service Centres (Pty) Ltd
Cladding Supplier Macsteel Service Centres and Engineering (Pty) Ltd
Cladding Contractor Impact Engineering (Pty) Ltd
Corrosion Protection
Dram Industrial Coating
Corrosion Protection
Paintwork Contractor
Not provided by nominator
Photographer, Photo competition Abbeydale Building and Civils (Pty) Ltd
Photographer, Other submitted images  

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