This project had a slope of 4 meters and a huge water table – we had no option but to improvise on a special foundation system called Surefoot Africa.  We have drilled steel tubes 2 meters into the ground and added the mezzanine floor on top of brackets, this allowed us to freely secure the footings and to have a stable foundation system in the water table conditions.   Walls are clad externally with Enviro deck composite cladding, Tyvec, OSB 12mm with ISOFER Cavitybat and 15mm Firestop Gypsum boards internally.

Roof has been done with Insulated polystyrene panel with 0.8mm Zink Alum cladding internally and roof covering the Diamond Deck 0.53mm Colorbond.

Duration:  12 Weeks
Allocation:   Kleinmond
Square meters:   190sq

Nominator: Rancor
Steel supplier:  Pholaco
Main contractor:  Rancor
Structural Engineering:  EMC Engineering

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