Runway Business Park was built as a storage facility for Bidvest Panalpina Logistics which Growthpoint Properties developed for them. This facility is being used to store largely flammable goods; therefore, the initial brief was to design a warehouse component which could store various products with differing fire ratings. The building is compartmentalized to allow for this, with the use of full height fire separating elements. There are also various office components around the site of varying scales allowing for the management and control of this facility.

The warehouse and the various office components being approximately 37 000m2 were envisaged to be done in steel and sheeting. The steel used was all angle trusses and were configured to suit the brief. The sheeting for the structures were Safintra’s Saflok 700 0.53mm AZ200 Seaspray on the roof, and Widedek 0.53mm AZ200 Seaspray for the cladding. Due to the excessive lengths that were required to sheet the roof portion of the buildings, on site rolling had to be done with Safintra’s Saflok 700 Mobile Mill. This project required slope vent installed on the structures. Safintra manufactured a total of 576 950mm throat static slope ventilators for Runway Business Park.

Other factors that played a huge roll in the project was the wind and weather that was experienced during construction and installation of the sheeting. The ground was also very soft according to the main contractor and was a resemblance of beach sand. Safintra’s Saflok 700 Mobile Mill got stuck in the sand several times when going on site to roll.

Overall the team of professionals working on the Runway Business Park project worked well together, and had a great understanding with each other. With this it helped achieve what was set out to be done, and provide a suitable working environment for the client.

Completion date of cladding20.09.2018
Cladding profile/ type usedRoof: Saflok 0.53 AZ200 Sea Spray Cladding: Widedek 0.53 AZ200 Sea Spray
Cladding area/ coverage and tonnage37 000 m2    (250 tons)
NominatorSafintra South Africa
Client/ DeveloperGrowthpoint Properties
ArchitectRies-Shaw Architects
Structural Engineer BPH Engineers
Main ContractorRubro Building (Pty) Ltd
Steelwork ContractorImpact Engineering
Steel ErectorImpact Engineering
Cladding ManufacturerSafintra South Africa
Cladding SupplierSafintra South Africa
Cladding ContractorImpact Engineering