What was the purpose of the project

Savanna City is a Mixed Use Development aimed at providing jobs and housing to the local area 

Was the project  envisaged in steel from the start (Roofing)

Phase 1 of the project was done with timber rafters, and after several meetings we decide to change the roof structure to Ultraspan Light Steel Trusses due to the availability and quality of timber

Give a brief description of the structural framing

Mitek Ultraspan Light Steel material were used

Rafter/Cord Sizes: 64, 89, 140 and 184

Give a brief description of the LSFB

With the Ultraspan material being so light, it made it easier to handle and erect. Less time was spend on erecting these roofs and Waveroofing was able to save some costs.

Were there any challenges

NO – The advantages of using Ultraspan Light Steel Trusses – transport was no longer an issue. We could deliver 100 roofs at a time because no pre-fabrication were required. All trusses could be assembled on-site.

What is special/innovative about the project

Being such a Mega Project we were able to help the environment by using an Eco-Green product. Waveroofing had the opportunity to deliver a product that can change the future of the roofing industry and so we also create jobs within the community. Waveroofing got the community involved through a training session of how to erect a roof and to handle power tools. We also trained woman/females to read roof plans and erect the roofs because of the light weight of the trusses been used.  

How did the project team work together

There were some challenges at first because we had to make use of unskilled Labour, but because of our involvement in the project we managed to work very well with the contractors and our newly trained carpenters on site. Training and open communication with the site foreman’s made it a successful job done 

Span of trusses and kg/m2 (if applicable) 6.611 kg/m2

Profiles used: Ultraspan Light Steel Trusses

Project Team

Project Team Role Company
Nominator MiTek
Client/ Developer Basil Read
Architect Malankane
Structural Engineer Malankane
Engineer Not provided by nominator
Quantity Surveyor Not provided by nominator
Project Manager Not provided by nominator
Main Contractor Not provided by nominator
Steelwork Contractor Wave Roofing
Steel Erector Wave Roofing
Cladding Manufacturer Not provided by nominator
Cladding Supplier Not provided by nominator
Cladding Contractor Not provided by nominator
Corrosion Protection
Not provided by nominator
Corrosion Protection
Paintwork Contractor
Not provided by nominator
Photographer, Photo competition Not provided by nominator
Photographer, Other submitted images Not provided by nominator

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