The Shell Ultra City Kroondal East and West is a Greenfields project. It included the completed construction of two new Shell Ultra City service stations on the N4 highway close to the established town of Kroondal in the North West province. Each service station is just over 1000m2 under roof and incorporates a convenience store and two quick service restaurants.

The completed project is unique as it is the first Lightweight Steel Retail fuel station that has been introduced in the Shell network and could potentially be the first of its kind Lightweight Steel Retail fuel site in Africa.

The designer on the project moved away from the traditional idea of a service station being in the shape of a modular oblong box. The prominent architectural feature of the Shell Kroondal service station is its curved lightweight steel roof, to match the contours of the surrounding landscape. The boundaries were further pushed by uniquely designing a curved forecourt canopy moving away from the flat forecourt canopy as is synonymous with retail fuel sites all over the world.

The project specifically targeted sustainability initiatives. The initiatives encompass locally sourced materials, community facilities, indigenous planting, recycling of construction waste, a structure that can be disassembled and reused, ensuring a reduced embodied energy and resource depletion through the concrete mix, and low VOC interior finishes, among others. All grey and blackwater on-site are filtered and reused in the toilets and urinals. and water data are displayed in the shop area.

Completion date of steelwork April 2018
Completion date of full project October 2018
Tons of structural steel used 7.5 Tons
Structural profiles used See Attachment
SA content – if this is an export project 100%
Completion date of LSFB work April 2018
Completion date of full project October 2018
Tons of LSF used 62.4 Tons
Span of trusses and Kg/m2 (if applicable) 13m unsupported, 26m supported
Profiles used Framecad C – section , 30 mm Battens , 20mm Battens
Type of cladding G 550 ,  Z200 / Z275 , 0.8mm and 0.58mm steel
Completion date of cladding June 2018
Cladding profile/ type used F/Cement Boards  12mm x 1,2m x 2,4m 

F/Cement  Boards 12mm x 1,2m x 2,7m

F/Cement  Boards 12mm x 1,2m x 3,0m

Gypsum Boards – Moisture Resistant  Boards 15mm x1,2m x 3,0m

Gypsum Boards – Habito Boards 12,5mm x1,2m x 3,0m

Cladding area/ coverage and tonnage 3756m2 /  127 tons
Nominator AECOM SA (Pty) Ltd
Client/ Developer Shell Downstream South Africa
Architect AECOM SA (Pty) Ltd
Structural Engineer AECOM SA (Pty) Ltd
Quantity Surveyor  
Project Manager AECOM SA (Pty) Ltd
Main Contractor Razorbill Eco-Construct
Steelwork Contractor Marboe & Sons (Pty) Ltd
Steel Erector Marboe & Sons (Pty) Ltd
Cladding Manufacturer Terraco 

Saint Gobain


Cladding Supplier Terraco 

Saint Gobain – Triangle Sourcing

Everite – Global Innovations

Cladding Contractor Razorbill Eco-Construct