The design of the roof trusses for the Siessa Ramabodu Stadium (winner of the tubular category for the SAISC @steelawards 2016) at first sight look as if they could be upside down for gravity loads, until you realize that the main compression chord bifurcates into 2 chords in the high stress region.  Some of the details the engineer has thought through well are: 1 top channel toe down to support top of brickwork makes for a great looking detail 2. The connection between the stadium side cantilever trusses and the backside fascia supports is well thought out and the tie between the 2 end plates was adjusted in length to sort out the inevitable inaccuracies on the radial setting out of the concrete columns 3. The double chords of the fascia trusses worked well to creAte the stepped fascia details 4. The use of CHS girts to the fascias eliminated the need for what would have been a very complicated sag system.