The new SKF warehouse is a steel structure composed of girder, truss and tubular bracing systems. Metsec sections were used for the side cladding rails. The warehouse structure contains a 35 tonne overhead crane as well as a 10 tonne gable gantry crane.⁠ ⁠ A key feature of the project is the tubular posts supporting the office slab, as well as the tubular louvre support system which wraps around the building.⁠



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Physical address of the project   


Street Address  



Erf 487  


6 Marlin Road, 

Jet Park, 



Google Maps link 


Completion date of steelwork  December 2019 
Completion date of full project  March 2020 
Tonnage and steel profiles used  240 tons  



UB and UC columns, 

UB and angle lattice girders, 

Angle lattice trusses, 

SHS eave beams, 

Metsec purlins and girts, 

Angle and CHS bracing, 

Bent plate box gutters, 

IPE and UB gable rafters, 

UB and angle lattice crane beam columns, 

UB and PFC compound crane beams, 

CHS slab support columns, 

Tubular louvre supports. 


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