The 1054, named after the property’s erf number, firmly places itself on Main Road Walmer, as a pavilion to the street edge.  Main Road has been established, as part of Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality’s Spatial Development Framework Plan, as a new business precinct within the bay and is expanding rapidly. Although business is growing along this main feeder route, many houses have merely been facelifted with a false façade that has really watered down the potential for the strip.

There were two main drivers behind the design of the building

Firstly, The 1054 needed to spark conversation about what is being developed, or not being for that matter along Main Road, and whether you love it or hate it, its intention is to initiate the discussion around what and how the potential of the road should be maximised by creating intrigue where buildings become destinations along the road, which sadly the currently renovated houses do not.  The 1054, is the first building of its kind along the 2.8km stretch of road.  Already within the 12months of the building’s completion, both property owners and developers have started to consider more exciting additions, alterations and in some cases new builds that are adding value to the street.

Secondly, as always, the budget was extremely tight and a design that both made the impact as above, as well as could be cost-effective was key.  The design needed to be stripped back of all the frills that we come to see on many commercial buildings and design a structure that used the buildings basic structural form to create interest. Through stripping back the building to its essential elements, time could also be saved, which for any developer is advantageous. 

A single dynamic contrasting form to the street was proposed, the construction of which was like that of a warehouse.  A concrete framed base structure, on which precast concrete floor slabs were laid and a supporting structural steel framed upper structure.  Steel sections consisted mainly of square hollow tube and H columns with lattice trusses.  The interior envelope and wall construction used lighter framed steel stud work. The building could be erected rapidly with many elements being manufactured off-site.  Total construction time was 9months with the building coming in below R10, 000.00/m² including all ancillary works.

The building design played with solid and void, not the buildings external envelope, but the contrast of the seemingly solid exterior vs. its light and airy interior, the volume of which connects all businesses within and welcomes people up within the space.  A welcoming surprise to all. 

It was important for the building to be modular so that the ‘structural grid’ could be broken/sub-divided into smaller or larger sections based on the same repetitive GLA to accommodate different sizes of businesses that would establish within the space.  Currently, the building consists of a retail component to the Ground Floor, as it was essential to attract people in as a destination and in turn promote visibility for all other tenants namely the First Floor offices.  To the Ground Floor, we have a new concept restaurant, well-established furniture, and décor retailer and an up and coming hair salon.  The First Floor offices consist of us as an Architectural Practice, Structural/Civil Engineers, Finance House, Freight and a Pilates Studio.  The selection of tenants was fundamental for them to feed off each other but also to ensure the longevity of the mix for the developer.  

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Completion date of steelwork January 2018
Completion date of full project April 2018
Tons of structural steel used 1850
Structural profiles used I-Beams/I-Columns/Lattice Trusses/Box Sections/Lip Channels
Completion date of cladding February 2018
Cladding profile/ type used Saflok 410
Cladding area/ coverage and tonnage 1373m2
Nominator DMV Architecture
Client/ Developer Symbolic Investments Propriety (Pty) Ltd
Architect DMV Architecture
Structural Engineer MEB Consulting Engineers
Main Contractor Jeremy Delport Construction
Steelwork Contractor Bisho Steel
Steel Erector Bisho Steel
Cladding Manufacturer Safintra
Cladding Supplier Clad All
Cladding Contractor Clad All

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