With the housing market in decline Century Property Developments diverted their business model into the rental game. To attract tenants a lifestyle hub was commissioned into construction. The building features a movie theatre, spa, games room, restaurant, and gym. All with the intent to ensure Century Property Developments rental portfolio is the most attractive to clients in the Midrand Area.  

Structural frame and challenges

The structure consists of a portal frame structure fabricated using universal beams with two floor levels which use universal beams to support various types of concrete floors. 

To reduce cost and maintain feasibility of the entire project various slab interactions were utilized. Hollow core technology combined with a composite slab was utilized. The front portal extended down to the lower ground floor; thus, the steel work was required to be constructed in various phases. Allowing for access to pack the hollow core slabs meant structural steel columns had to be erected without the portals, following the packing of the slabs the portals could be completed.  

The bridge connecting Building 2 to Building 3 was design using 3D scan technology from Paramatic South Africa. This was to maintain the natural koppie and ensure the design best aligned with the rock feature available to us. This bridge was constructed from the top down. The walkway propped and installed, the columns installed and then the foundations cast. This was to ensure the bridge aligned perfectly with the footings and touched the earth lightly limiting the environmental impact of the construction. 

Impressive technical aspects

The extensive spans obtained by the hollow core slabs for the Ground floor above the cinema. This was at the edge of Elematics South Africas capabilities.

How this project demonstrates the benefit of steel

Ability to save time with manufacture off-site, the industrial look obtained from exposed portal frames. The exposed steel lends itself to challenging aesthetic decisions. All connections, joints and interactions required careful consideration to ensure the final product was in line with the architectural requirements. The building is honest in its structure and architectural intent.  

How the project team worked together

The original steel contractor went under, and Tass Engineering got involved in the project very late and had to expedite the detailing, supply, manufacture, delivery and erection in order to ensure that a quality product was handed over on time to ensure the success of the housing estate completion. Tass Engineering with the late starting point excelled to achieve tight deadlines. The coordination amongst the slab installers, Tass Engineering and century property development excelled to ensure a successful project.

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Completion date of steelwork 

1st August 2019 

Completion date of full project 

15th February 2020 

Tonnage and steel profiles used 

82.795 I-Beams, Lipped channel, and Angle


CLADDING (If applicable) 

Completion date of cladding 

1st November 2019 

Cladding profile/ type used 

Roof Sheeting  

Cladding area coverage  



Project Team Role



Tass Engineering

Client/ Developer

Century Property Developments


Century Property Developments


Century Property Developments

Structural Engineer

ADA Consulting Engineers


Century Property Developments

Quantity Surveyor

Century Property Developments

Project Manager

Century Property Developments

Main Contractor

Century Property Construction

Steelwork Contractor

Tass Engineering

Steel Erector


Cladding Manufacturer


Cladding Supplier


Cladding Contractor

NG Roofing



Corrosion Protection – Primer

Tass Engineering

Paintwork Contractor – Site / Final coat

Cutting Edge

Photographer, Photo competition

Century Property Developments

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