In the last quarter of 2018, the Medclinic Medforum group of hospitals came up with a proposal to renovate their paediatric ward in line with the hospital’s vision to expand their service delivery mandate. By virtue of paediatric ward being located on the 7th floor, the highest storey of the hospital,it was obvious that this renovation wasn’t going to entail the building of new structures but instead working with the existing spaces, in this case, being the patio previously used by the hospital staff to unwind and have tea breaks.

When the architect was given the brief, drawings were prepared and submitted for approval. The architect had suggested use of a 16.5meter clear span I-Beam which would carry the mono trusses to cover the patio. That was going to a mean feat to accomplish because the patio is located right on the edge of the façade of the building with a clear drop of 21metres to ground level. The spec of the mono trusses was to be Light Guage Steel supplied by Mitek. All was good at the stage up until it was realised that a steel beam of clear span of 16.metres was going to be impossible to be lifted 7 storeys high and would be difficult to install because of its length and weight.

Ecostrut (Pty) Ltd a company based in Lanseria known for its expertise in Light Gauge Ultra- span Strucures was then approached to come up with a better alternative for the steel beam. Phiri, the senior designer from Ecostrut suggested the use of a parallel chord girder which was then approved by Louise Pienaar from Graceland architects. The alternative would prove to be the best solution because of the following; 1) Use of the light gauge steel members meant a huge reduction in the overall weight of the roof structure. 2) The trusses and the parallel chord girder were to be assembled on site meaning ease of transport. 3)With the building being 7 storeys high , it was going to be very easy to get the material up to that 7th floor. 5) The project time was significantly reduced owing to the efficient methods used to make trusses.

All that together with other known advantages ( non – combustible, not prone to rust, very minimal wastage factor) of using Light Gauge steel material proved to be a winner.

The project commenced by first wrapping the façade of the building with about 70tonnes of scaffolding elements supplied by Radon Projects. The scaffolding was to be our access method to the 7th floor. The material was ordered from Mitek and delivered on time. The roof elements comprised of 184 , 140 , 89 and 76mm USC.

The assembly of the trusses proved to be a breeze owing to proper planning and execution. The parallel chord girder was however assembled in sections as it was broken into 3 different sections which were then joined into postion.

Once all the trusses were installed into position, the front façade of the parallel chord girder was to be covered with 9mm Nutec board cladding while the roof itself was to have Klip-Tite sheeting supplied by Global Roofing.

At the end, the main objective was achieved with the patio being converted into a ward to accommodate more beds for patients. The entire project team did work in unison with very little problems which were mainly logistical rather than technical.

Completion date of LSFB work15 March 2019
Completion date of full project01 April 2019
Tons of LSF used1.424 Ton
Profiles used Mono Pitch  
Type of cladding0.58 Klip-tite
Completion date of cladding01 April 2019
Cladding profile/ type usedKlip-tite 0.58mm
Cladding area/ coverage and tonnage110m2
NominatorEcostrut (Pty)Ltd
Client/ DeveloperMedclinic Medforum
ArchitectGraceland Architects
Structural EngineerCivilsense
Main ContractorTronkon / Shere
Steelwork ContractorOvita Enginnering
Steel ErectorEcostrut (Pty)Ltd
Cladding ManufacturerMarley Roofing
Cladding SupplierTrinexus Group
Cladding ContractorEcostrut(Pty)Ltd
Roofing and CladdingGlobal Roofing Solutions