Tshwane Reginal Mall is a new mall in Mamelodi Pretoria. Steel was integral to architectural look and design of the mall, especially with the bold steel entrances and pop out roof along the mall.



Structural framing

The main mall roof structure mainly consisted of I-beam rafters with Metsec purlins, allowing for long spans and a reduced overall tonnage to the structure.

The Large entrances were constructed of large curved box sections. Fabricated out of plate. Top and bottom flanges laser cut to shape, and side web plates rolled to suit.

Split tee sections with rolled CHS sections creating the fanning sun screens along the outside.

Inside the mall supporting these entrance roofs are huge CHS struts impressively supporting the roofs.

This theme is continues throughout the mall with large concrete columns and CHS “tree structures” supporting pop out roofs along the main mall areas.

The food court have stainless steel pipes like “sticks” decorating the area.

Outside all along the front of the mall, there are heavy I beam canopy structures adding to the bold look of steel as you approach the entrances.

The entire parking lot roof was erected on top of the fourth floor slab. So this required spider cranes to be able to work on top of these slabs.

Then on the other hand the heavy entrance box sections required large 50ton cranes to be able to lift the large sections into place.

The benefits of using steel

In a mall like this most of the structure is build out of concrete and bricks. But the appeal to the mall is the Bold steel sections used in the entrance, External walkways, and large steel pipes supporting the roofs inside the mall walkway areas. This can only be achieved by the architectural use of steel.

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Physical address of the project  





Street Address  








Tsamaya Avenue 



Google Maps link  https://goo.gl/maps/dsdMcjCMxm6m5dENA  


Completion date of steelwork  June 2020 
Completion date of full project  2021 
Tonnage and steel profiles used  500t – Hot Rolled, Tubular and Metsec Profiles 
Project Team RoleCompany
NominatorFerro Eleganza (Pty) Ltd
Client/ DeveloperIsibonelo Property Services (Pty) Ltd
ArchitectSVA International (Pty) Ltd
Structural Engineer Pure Consulting (Pty) Ltd
Quantity Surveyor (PQS)Nonku Ntshona & Associates
Project ManagerLMKV Management Consultants
Main ContractorGD Irons Construction (Pty) Ltd
Steelwork ContractorFerro Eleganza (Pty) Ltd
Steel ErectorFerro Eleganza (Pty) Ltd
Cladding Manufacturer 
Cladding Supplier 
Cladding ContractorChartwell Roofing (Pty) Ltd
Corrosion Protection 
GalvanisingArmco Superlite (Pty) Ltd
Corrosion Protection 
Paintwork ContractorJokes Building Construction CC
Photographer, Photo competitionFerro Eleganza (Pty) Ltd

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