This project was originally designed as a brick and mortar house.   Reasons why this customer has chosen LGS was due to speed, we completed the project turn key in 5 months as suppose to 9 months on brick and mortar.    The insulation factors also has a impact on the customers decision.

Marley smooth external shiplap boards with OSB 12mm and Tyvec membrane with ISOVER cavitybat, fitted internally with 15mm Marley Gypsym boards fully skimmed.

1st floor was done with LGS joist spaced 300mm and 350mm deep with IBR and 25 MPA 80mm concrete slab with ref 193.    ISOBOARD Ceilings with additional 40mm ISOVER green roof insulation was fitted between purlins and rafters.

Allocation:   Cape Town
Square meters:   480sq
Duration:  5 Months

Nominator: Rancor
Steel supplier:  Pholaco
Main contractor:  Rancor
Structural Engineering:  EMC Engineering

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