Providing a world-class roofing solution for a world-class facility. The client and developer’s brief were to use a concealed fix roof sheet that would minimise risk of leaks as well as prevent any end lapping on sheeting, that would furthermore increase risk of early corrosion on sheeting system.

Due to its profile shape, Craft Lock® sheeting has one of the highest capacities against wind uplift, when compared to other concealed fix profiles in South Africa. The depth of the profile furthermore ensures effective drainage of water from the roof, even on roof slopes as low as 1-degree pitch.

Craft lock® sheets were site rolled with a mobile mill, directly onto the roof by means of constructing scaffolding between the roll former and mobile mill. Continuous sheets in excess of 95m were roll formed and placed on the roof through this method.

The fact that sheets were roll formed and moved to the roof structure directly reduced handling of sheets, which mitigated damages to the profile. Once sheets were pushed to the roof by the mill, installers could place the sheets close to or in their final position. The above way of construction ensured minimal damages or scratches to sheeting, therefore providing a top-quality finished product.

23 500m2 Warehouse facility with 16m clear height at eaves. Effective use of combination of concrete and steel columns to reduce overall weight of steel structure. Addresses issue of long slender steel columns that would lead to unnecessary heavy elements. Effective Engineering design lead to light steel structure. Column free areas of 27x32m girds. Main girders designed from a combination of H sections as top and bottom cord with angle sections as vertical and diagonal members Secondary trusses all from angle sections.

Completion date of steelwork 2017-08-30
Completion date of full project 2018-01-31
Tons of structural steel used 539 tons
Structural profiles used Col’s      –  U-beams + castellated  

Trusses  –  angles

Girders   –  U-beams + angles

Cladding profile/ type used Craft-lock® concealed fix (roof)  

IBR profile sheeting for cladding

Chromadek®, 0,58 Fish Eagle White & Dark Dolphin

Cladding area/ coverage and tonnage 28 000sqm Craft-lock® concealed fix (roof)  

Chromadek®, Fish Eagle White & Dark Dolphin

11 000 sqm IBR sheeting (cladding)

Nominator Clotan Steel Pty Ltd
Client/ Developer Fortress Property Fund
Architect Trilogy Architects and Interior Designers
Structural Engineer Sotiralis Consulting Engineers
Quantity Surveyor Quanticost Quantity Surveyors
Project Manager Fortress Property Fund
Main Contractor M&T Developments
Steelwork Contractor B&T Steel
Cladding Manufacturer Clotan Steel Pty Ltd
Cladding Supplier Clotan Steel Pty Ltd
Cladding Contractor GM Roofing
Corrosion Protection Paintwork Contractor IPS Industrial Painting Services