The warehouse structure consists of a 23000 m² warehouse structure with a two-storey office block a concrete roof slab and a warehouse mezzanine floor. The warehouse is clad in pre-cast concrete tilt-up wall panels and steel cladding. Internal columns are provided at 32 m centres with lattice girders spanning in between. The portal consists of trusses centred at 8 m centres, with end spans of 24 m and an internal span of 32 m. Concrete columns were cast to 13.5 m above the finished floor level with steel columns to the roof height. The warehouse floor was cast to FM2 surface regularity.

Externally 5m cantilever canopies were provided over the loading docks with an 11 m cantilever canopy required over the side loading bays. The total steel tonnage for the project was 485Tons.

The challenges faced on this project was the fast-tracked construction programs and working at heights with these tall warehouse structures. The fast-tracked construction program resulted in detailing done within 2 weeks by KRU Detailing to give SE Steel Fabrication the edge in the market.

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Completion date of steelwork June 2018
 Completion date of full project 12 December 2018
Tons of structural steel used 485 Tons
Structural profiles used Member sizes :Columns=UB245*146*31 Truss top chord=100*100*8 Angle Truss bottom chord=90*90*8 Angle; Top & bottom chord of Girder=UB254*146*31; Roof bracing 70*70*6 & 80*80*8 Angle; Sag angle=45*45*3 Angle; Purlins=250*75*20*2.0 & 250*75*20*2.5 CFLC; Girts= 200*75*20*2.0 

CFLC; Vertical bracing=165*3.5 CHS; Louver Frames= 200*15*4.0 RHS & 150*150.4.0 SHS. Die langste span op die gebou is 252 meter die gebou self.

 Completion date of cladding October 2018


Project Team Role Company
Nominator KRU Detailing
Client/ Developer Fortress Property Fund
Architect ICM Architectural Studio
Structural Engineer L&S Consulting (Pty) Ltd
Engineer L&S Consulting (Pty) Ltd
Project Manager Abbeydale Building and Civil (Pty) Ltd
Main Contractor Abbeydale Building and Civil (Pty) Ltd
Steelwork Contractor SE Steel Fabrication (PTY) Ltd
Steel Erector SE Steel Fabrication (PTY) Ltd
Cladding Manufacturer Roofing Solution
Cladding Supplier Roofing Solution
Cladding Contractor Roofing Solutions
Corrosion Protection Paintwork Contractor Dram Trading
Nomination Document


KRU Detailing CC
Structural Steel Detailer KRU Detailing CC
Photographer, Photo competition Photography by Micaela

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