Purpose of the structure/project?

The structure is a large span logistics warehouse in Prospecton, near the Durban Port.

What was the brief to the architect?

Maximise the land for a user friendly logistics warehouse.

Was the project envisaged in steel from the start? If not – why was it built in the end?

Yes. The structure was lifted by 5m (during fabrication) due to tenant requirements. This was done with concrete columns and some revisions in shop to the steelwork.

Give a brief description of the structural framing. What type of sections were used and why?

Castellated columns, lattice girders, angles, tubes, and 450MPa purlin sections.

Give a brief description of the cladding process (complexity, difficulty, innovation)

The greatest difficulty in the cladding was in the sheet length due to the Kliptite concealed fix used. In high winds and due to the roof height and location winds were often an issue and congestion on site only allowed for site rolling in specific areas, requiring additional labour to move sheets on site and up on the roof

Were there any challenges in the fabrication from the engineer’s design. Tell more about fabrication and erection process if difficult, complex, innovative


What is special/unusual/innovative/aesthetic about the steelwork/cladding in this project?

No. However the Kliptite sheet offered an excellent solution to the client, design, and architectural requirements.

How did the project team work together (contractor involved early, challenges, ease of communication)

Excellent. An outstanding facility completed to the design specification, and forming an integral part of the port and Prospecton sector.

Tons of structural steel used 420 tonnes

Project Team

Project Team Role Company
Nominator Cousins Steel International
Client/ Developer Newlyn Group
Architect Not provided by nominator
Structural Engineer Cousins Steel International
Engineer Arup
Quantity Surveyor Not provided by nominator
Project Manager Not provided by nominator
Main Contractor Voeran Construction
Steelwork Contractor Not provided by nominator
Steel Erector Not provided by nominator
Cladding Manufacturer SAFAL
Cladding Supplier Global Roofing
Cladding Contractor Not provided by nominator
Corrosion Protection
Corrosion Protection
Paintwork Contractor
Insimbi Coatings
Photographer, Photo competition  
Photographer, Other submitted images  

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