In the difficult financial climate that we as South Africans find ourselves, this is a brilliant example of how steel can innovatively be used to assist the growth of a company while keeping the costs much lower than expected.

Imagine a redundant feed plant standing in Pretoria West on Epol Dog Foods Plant. They have this 80t Tower Feed Mill Building which is no longer in use. On the other hand, you have Wisium SA an Animal Nutrition company who needs to build a state of the art new plant to accommodate their growth. Can you imagine buying a building in Pretoria West and bringing it to Brits? Well with Steel this was made possible!

Ferro Eleganza was appointed and given this exciting challange. But dismantling a building that was decades old was no easy task and safety was a huge concern for us. We began by removing all roof and then side cladding with its insulation. This was carefully done with cherrie pickers and mobile cranes to enable safe working. All steel members were then marked with item numbers according to a general arrangement to enable re-assembly later. Then according to well-planned method statements the steel structure was carefully dismantled in the opposite sequence that it would have been erected.All steel was then pressure cleaned to remove Epol’s food dust and transported to its new home in Wisium Brits.

Steelwork Contractor Interview:

This building needed to be modified in just a few places and also extended to accommodate the new feedmill design. Tekla Structures was the perfect tool to be able to do this detailing. Importing the existing building and adding the new extensions enabled minimum modifications to selected items of the building. Ready to receive the newly build steelwork from the factory.

Once the building was completely erected together with the additional extensions the entire building was given a final coat of paint. Giving the client a brand new steel structure.

The building was finally clad with new sheeting and the client boasted a beautiful new state of the art Feed Mill.

A very happy client celebrated this new plant with his industry in a grand opening.

Ferro Eleganza is privileged and proud to have been part of this innovative use of steel!

Completion date of steelwork June 2018
Completion date of full project June 2018
Tons of structural steel used Tons
Structural profiles used Hot Rolled Steel / C/R Lipped Channel


Completion date of cladding June 2018
Cladding profile/ type used IBR Chromadek®
Coil Manufacturer ArcelorMittal South Africa
Nominator Ferro Eleganza (Pty) Ltd
Main Contractor Techmach Technology (Pty) Ltd
Steelwork Contractor Ferro Eleganza (Pty) Ltd
Steel Erector Ferro Eleganza (Pty) Ltd
Cladding Contractor Ferro Eleganza (Pty) Ltd
Corrosion Protection
Paintwork Contractor
Dram Industrial Painting Contractors